Leather Jacket Bliss

[Jacket - The Limited; Dress - Ross; Tights & Boots - Target; Earrings - Kate Spade; Headband - Old]

Remember way back when I found this leather jacket?  Well, I bought it and I love it.  I think I look super badass in it.  Ok, not true, I look like a silly girl trying to play James Dean.  But I love it.  Note that you will never, ever see me on a motorcycle wearing it because I refuse riding them, but that's neither here nor there.  


Dress like a Middleton at H&M

The best thing that happened to the online shopping world this past year was H&M going online.  I'm so in love and I'm pretty sure my bank account is really scared of the future.  Dressing like a Middleton is easy at H&M because Pippa shops there!  There were so many cute things I found on the site when working on this post and I kept thinking - oh I've seen her wear something like this!  She was recently spotted sporting a cableknit (I then proceeded to try and zoom the pic to see her engagement ring - I have a problem).  She's constantly running in grays, blacks, pinks & purples.  She inspired me to buy booties like these.  But when I saw this seafoam shift dress, I immediately thought of this shirt that she has worn on multiple occasions.  It has a Downton look to it, kind of, don'tchya think?

Moral of the story: I'm in love.  I also think that the plaid scarf on that site will end up in my closet sooner than later.......



[Vest & Gingham Button Down - Old Navy; Sweater - Target; Jeans - Calvin Klein; Boots - Aerosoles; Necklace - J.Crew Factory; Watch - Michael Kors]

I'm not going to label this post on how much I hate winter because I think we all know that already.  I did make the decision early on in the cold weather that a vest would be a must when layering this season.  I saw this lady in Old Navy and I knew I had to have it.  I just wish I had bought more in different colors!  I thought white would be the safest since I tend to wear blue & black a lot... but I want a navy one, and an olive one, AND a black one.  Think of all the possibilities!

Should I also mention that I want more gingham shirts, own multiple bauble necklaces, and this sweater in different necklines & colors?  I have a problem.  This is called, finding something you like and going to town.  That may be the only positive thing about winter... layering!  You can't really do that in summer, I guess.

In case anyone enjoys my boots - they are on SUPER sale.  Originally $150, you can now get them for $50.  THAT'S AWESOME!  Snag them up, while you can!


I've Found What I've Been Lookin' For

[Sweater - TJMaxx; T-Shirt - American Eagle; Necklace - Lou Lou; Jeans - Express; Boots - Aerosoles]

I have been on the look out for certain sweaters this season.  I'm asking for a white cableknit for Christmas.  I am on the look out for certain sweaters with fun prints.  One day I will get my hands on the perfect ugly Christmas sweater.  And I wanted a perfect tan, chunky, cableknit cardigan.  Dear TJMaxx, you always pull through.  I think I could wear it every day.

In other news: on our excursion to Alexandria, I discovered my first Lou Lou's Boutique.  I fell in love.  I decided not to buy the whole store, but I'm pretty sure the boyfriend thought there was a possibility of that happening.  This red bauble necklace was one of my purchases and worth every penny.  I think I could take one in every color (I also have one in blue, a turquoise translucent gem one, and purchased a pearl one the same day) and have been browsing the website daily thinking of what my jewelry collection is going to look like.  I know what's going on the birthday wishlist this coming year! (Hear that?  Spoiled me thinking of April birthday wishlists... SHEESH!)


Girls, GIRLS, Girls!

In honor of Girls coming back on HBO tonight (I can't stop squeeling!), I did a Girls style segment.  Enjoy & get excited for Season 3!

Hannah's style is quirky at best.  Hannah is the type of girl that spends 20 minutes picking out something to wear, realizes she's late, and throws on a shirt on the floor with what she already has on, grabs a head accessory and heads out the door.  And I love that - one of my best friends from high school is Hannah.  Down to the opaque tights.  She isn't afraid of pattern and color and will pick something out because it makes her laugh.  She has gorgeous elements to her style (see lace top) but then does something off the wall like pair it with Christmas leggings.  And Christmas leggings with sandals in summer?  Hannah staple.

[Top - J.Crew; Jeans - NetAPorter; Coat - Tobi; Photo c/o Google Search; Shoes - LuLu's; Necklace - DVN]

I identify most with Marnie's style.  Classic and simple.  However, I may need to take a look at my style, like Marnie, because we both tend to play it safe.  We are afraid of patterns and can be in a rut with taking rules that our mother taught us about fashion to heart.  Luckily, Marnie's friends get her out of her funks with bright colors and things that may be out of the norm.  

I love Jessa's style by far.  Jessa could care less what people think, she dresses like life is a stage, and she loves going for the dramatic.  She is not afraid of any trend that comes her way - crop tops & maxi skirts?  She's been doing that for years.  I love seeing what she wears every episode.  I feel like she dresses like my 5 year old self who loved wearing the costume kimonos and disney princess dresses with my mom's wooden wedges and grandma's mod belts.  Her lipsticks are always fun too!  My favorite Jessa dressing moment?  The day she wore hot pink under a white crochet dress to babysit children.  "Is this appropriate?"

[Photo c/o Twenties Hacker; Dress - Esther; Phone Case - Etsy; Belt - ASOS; Boots - Century 21; Ring - Ruche]

Shosh is the best comedic relief to a show about four girls.  Seriously.  Insert emoji of a panda bear, gun and present here.  I love Shoshanna's obsession with everything cool and in.  Shoshanna is always trying to be someone "better" when she's the one who is really great overall anyways.  If Marnie's Bible is the J.Crew Catalog, Shoshanna's is Sex in the City.  She probably dresses up every day in NYC only in a pink top, stilettos and tutu just hoping a bus will splash her with gross city puddle water.  The most important thing to Shoshanna's style?  Her phone - she most definitely would be the girl who would accessorize her phone case with her outfit.  I love that.



[Coat - H&M, Skirt - The Limited, Shoes - Target]

Disclaimer: I'm the coldest girl in the world in these pics.  How does Kate Middleton do all those public outings in the blustery, bone-chilling English winters?  I mean, to look so chic and so lack of bundled. AH!  I don't know how she pulls it off.

But nevertheless, coats are a fashion statement and I tend to adore going a little nuts with my winter apparel.  True story - I have not bought a black winter coat ever.  Well, one time I owned a black coat with mod circles and polka dots that were various colors of white and pink.  IT WAS AWESOME.  Then some mean, judgemental girl I befriended (I like making friends... haha) in college told me it was stupid.  She also wore jean skirts in a tulle and leather mini world so there!  Bitter?  Yes.  I'm learning to let go...

Long story short, I love coats.  Coats are fun.  Coats can be a fashion statement.  Winter is still evil.


Elements of Style: Reese Witherspoon

I've been obsessed with Reese Witherspoon for a lonnnnggggg time.  I will be honest, she is the actress I most identify with, so that may have something to do with it.  Especially because my roommates in college would describe me as Reese in Sweet Home Alabama (I have had multiple "You have a baby... in a bar!" moments in my life).  But I have always found her style to be something in the back of my mind (and in the front of my closet).  She can pull off any hair style (and color) or look as long as she tailors it to herself - and she does an excellent job at that (or her stylist... can I be her?).  Reese's style is practical and current, while immaculate.  I'm sorry but who looks that good and has 3 children?!  

Elements of Reese's Style
1. The arm bag - Regardless of the style, it always rests on the arm
2. Classic Cuts - Blazers and Cigarette Pants, A-Line Skirts & Dresses
3. Simple Jewelry - Jade Earrings, Simple Chains, Classic Watches
4. Booties - Suede, Heeled, & Flat
5. Flirty Skirts & Dresses - A-Line & Mini


Bundle of Joy

[Headband - Gift, Scarf - Aldo, Coat - TJMaxx, Jeans - Target, Boots - L.L. Bean]

I hate winter and going out in the snow, but I have found the necessary elements to make it better.

1. Covering my ears - If there is one thing that hurts me when I'm outside it's my ears.  I mean they actually hurt inside when it's super cold out.  Even when I run, I'm pretty good if my ears are covered.  My mom bought me this adorable headband with the flower and I'm in love.  I have about 5 more in various colors and styles, from ornate like this one, to simple.  They're the perfect functional accessary.
2. Infinity Scarves are the best invention ever - I'm always warm and it's much easier to hide my face in an infinity scarf than a pashmina.  I'm really into this one especially because it's the warmest thing!
3. TJMaxx is the best place to find a cheap and stylish winter coat - I nabbed this baby for $25 last year.  It's cute, pretty warm, and you can find me anywhere.  I'm the girl in the red coat.  So if I venture more than 5 feet from my house/car into a blustery snowstorm, I will be found!
4. Find an old pair of jeans that you don't mind getting gross - One year, when I was rather young, I decided I would get rid of all the clothing I didn't wear anymore and I deeply regretted it.  I learned my lesson and I'm continuing to keep these ugly gems (maybe they were cute once?  I don't know, I hate them... they're so unflattering) for gross days.
5. Duck Boots are the best boots ever - I'm so glad I purchased these (even though they're a little large) because they're great for snow and rain but they're much cuter than regular snow boots and more sturdy than rainboots.  I'm really thinking of getting the taller ones for the deeper snows that I hope I never experience.

Also - snowballs are a must.  Sorry, Boyfriend!


Auld Lang Syne

2013 was a wonderful year!  Thank you for following & I'm really excited for the things to come :)