Giving Thanks

[Baret - Accessorize; Sweater - Ross; Jeans - American Eagle; Booties - Target]


This is the day of giving thanks, so I'm taking this time to give thanks to one of my many, many blessings - you!  I love my blog followers and I appreciate you every day.  After hours and hours talking about investments, staring at spreadsheets, completing pounds and pounds of paperwork, and creating materials, it's refreshing to do something that is fun, appreciated, and so me.  After one of my very favorite people at work suggested I indulge myself and throw myself into my hobbies outside of the workplace, I started The Crown Bijoux, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Those small moments you come and visit mean more than you could ever understand.

XO Sarah


Falling Leaves

[Sweater & Elephant Bangle - Forever 21; Jeggings - Express; Boots - Aerosoles; Sunnies - RayBan]

Oversized sweaters are going to make quite the mark in my fall wardrobe.  I've already worn this maroon number multiple times.  It's so comfy and warm, I could sleep in it!  I am a little on the fence about leggings as pants.  I know people hate when people wear leggings as pants but they're so comfy and can be flattering depending on the outfit.  My rule: always wear a shirt that covers your bum.  This sweater is perfect!

 After we took these pictures, we went to our friend's reveal party (I'm too young for my friends to be having kids... I'm just saying!) and I bonded with the dog, Murphy.  As you can see, there was a lot of love between the Murph & I.  Chin Kisses.  Deep conversations.  And some handholding.  I'm like the dog whisperer!


Sweater Weather Remix

[Pippa Photo & Kate Photo both c/o People; 1. Ralph Lauren 2. Trina Turk c/o Bloomingdale's 3. Swell 4. Victoria's Secret 5. Ann Taylor 6. Old Navy]

I hate the winter, but I do love sweaterdresses.  I love being warm but pretty and cute at the same time.  Luckily, the Middleton girls are a big fan of the sweater dress look.  It seems like fashionistas have caught on because these are only a handful of the really cute and comfortable options I've found.  While I may lust after the Ralph & Trina numbers, Swell & Old Navy have a handful of options that won't hurt the piggy bank.  But I don't know... I think I might be after the peplum look VS has going on... decisions, decisions!


For Red Is the Color That My Baby Wore

[Dress - Target; Scarf - Old Navy; Boots - Aerosoles; Earrings - Vintage; Bracelets - Alex & Ani]

If I were to make a list of closet staples, a simple long-sleeve jersey dress in multiple colors would top it.  I bought this dress in black and black & white striped, too.  They're warm in the cold months and light in the warm months.  They are casual with flats and Sperrys, and dressy with heels and boots.  They look great with blazers, statement necklaces, embellished belts, and patterned scarves.  I even have added to the options list some layering with chambray Oxfords and sweaters (something to look forward to, eh?).  While I am late on this blogging thing since my purchase of the amazing dresses, my biggest advice is when you do find one that you love, buy it in every color - I wish I had bought more!  


Elements of Style: Dianna Agron

I love Glee.  And by love Glee, I hate the story line, think it's crazy cheesy, dramatic, and unrealistic, but love the songs.  Boyfriend tells me all the time I should just buy the soundtracks instead of watching 40 mins of a pathetic story.  But then I wouldn't have met Dianna Agron, and then I wouldn't have found a style icon.  Dianna is all I look for in a style inspiration.  She dresses modestly and with a classic and sweet twist, but with urban accents.  Whether it's embracing the crop top trend or adding RayBans and Chambray to a flirty summer dress, she always looks flawless.  Can I be her when I grow up?  No, but really...

Elements of Dianna's Style
1. Romantic Hair - Soft curls, loose waves, wispy chignons
2. Classic Casual - Chambray, sunglasses, flirty sundresses
3. Girly Details - Lace, satin, tulle
4. Soft Hues - Pale yellow, blush pink, nude
5. Left Skinny Arm - the perfect accessory to any picture :)


Bleed Orange & Blue: Bullet & Bear Style

I'm all about school pride.  And I'm learning to love football in the fall (besides Friday Night Lights... I never needed help loving that).  No matter if it's showing my alma mater's colors with pride or going out to a bar to watch da bears with the boyfriend, I love, love LOVE orange & blue.  It's so classy & flattering, I think I may have a problem...

[Dress & Flats - Target; Necklace - Kohls; Earrings - Kate Spade]

[Blazer & T-Shirt - Target; Skirt - Express; Shoes - DSW; Watch - Michael Kors; Earrings - Kate Spade]



Pumpkin Shopping

[T-Shirt, Purse, S-Necklace & Booties - Target; Jeans - American Eagle; Cardigan - H&M]

It was windy & cold and we really weren't expecting that type of weather.  I'm so not ready for fall.  However, boyfriend promised me a pumpkin before the season was over (he doesn't know it yet, but he will be trying my roasted pumpkin seeds).  I wish this big pappy was the one I took home but I picked a perfect and small one that I held like a child all the way home.  

I hope you're enjoying the last remnants of fall before stupid winter is upon us! :P 


Stray Hair

[Top - Express; Blazer - Kohl's; Skirt - Gap; Boots - Target; Clutch - Strawberry; Bracelet - Forever21]

As I type this post, boyfriend is making me watch a scary movie.  It's something with an elevator and M. Night Shamaylan.  I'm just trying to find things to distract me (I'm glad I got to keep the light on though) because I'm the biggest baby on earth.  I blame The Ring.  It was horrible and scared me half to death.  I also have never watched all of The Sixth Sense because I know what happens and I just can't handle it.  Ahhhhhh... SCARY!


Christening Cream Coats

[$: Target; $$ L: Rachel Roy at Macy's; $$ R: Anthropologie; $$$ L: Elie Tahari at Bloomingdale's; $$$ R: Kate Spade; $$$$: Moschino at ShopBop; Photos of Kate & Pippa c/o The Daily Mail]

I'm definitely putting a cream coat on my winter wish list... especially after the christening of Baby George.  While I think the Kate Spade number may be out of my price range, I'm pretty sure I have two grand to drop on the Moschino number, right?  In all honesty, I love coats and having many... and I'm really impressed by the Target shawl coat.  Are you loving the ivory & cream coat trend?  Are you afraid of wearing white in winter?  Which number are you loving?

Also, is it wrong to make another family's portrait your phone background?  Too much?

[Photo c/o CBSNews]