Elements of Style: Dianna Agron

I love Glee.  And by love Glee, I hate the story line, think it's crazy cheesy, dramatic, and unrealistic, but love the songs.  Boyfriend tells me all the time I should just buy the soundtracks instead of watching 40 mins of a pathetic story.  But then I wouldn't have met Dianna Agron, and then I wouldn't have found a style icon.  Dianna is all I look for in a style inspiration.  She dresses modestly and with a classic and sweet twist, but with urban accents.  Whether it's embracing the crop top trend or adding RayBans and Chambray to a flirty summer dress, she always looks flawless.  Can I be her when I grow up?  No, but really...

Elements of Dianna's Style
1. Romantic Hair - Soft curls, loose waves, wispy chignons
2. Classic Casual - Chambray, sunglasses, flirty sundresses
3. Girly Details - Lace, satin, tulle
4. Soft Hues - Pale yellow, blush pink, nude
5. Left Skinny Arm - the perfect accessory to any picture :)

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