Tucked Away

[Headband, Necklace, Belt, Jeans, & Shoes - Target; Sunnies - Ray Bans; Cardigan & Bracelet - J.Crew Factory; Watch - Michael Kors; Tank Top - White House Black Market]

I love looking through old family photos.  The 80s were a time of big hair, neon clothes, and lots of acid wash.  However, my mom didn't seem to follow those trends (except for elbow pads... she did like elbow pads... ew).  She somehow seemed to look super classic and put together even in that hideous decade.  One of the things I have noticed that she did often was tuck her shirt into her pants.  Remember those days??  I remember her wanting to tuck my shirt in and I hated it.  I always felt that it made me look tubby.

When I bought this belt, I didn't try it on (dummy) and realized after I brought it home, it was made for my hips, not my waist as intended.  Why have an adorable belt holding up your pants if you can't show it off?  I decided to suck it up (or suck it in) and try the tucked in look.  Do you wear this look?  DO you think the tuck in is coming back (thanks, J.Crew)?


Spring Wish List

I'm so ready for some Spring shopping!  I already started with picking up the jean jacket at Target (I'm a bigger fan of the kid's one than the woman's... is that bad?) and I think the next item on my list is that black bikini from Anthro.  I don't love myself in a bathing suit (ok, who does?) so I like finding flirty and girly pieces that don't look like you'd find them at a bodybuilding contest.  I've had my eye on a top exactly like this, thank you Miranda Kerr picture on Pinterest, and think it's time to pounce.  Plus, I can always save money and buy black bottoms at Old Navy or Target.

What is on your spring wish list?  Pastels?  Maxi Dresses?  Lace Shorts?  


Girly Military

[Blouse, Tank & Tights - Target; Necklace - Kohl's; Skirt - TJMaxx; Heels - Payless]

When I saw this army green top, I just knew I had to have it and exactly what I would wear with it.  I saw a pic pinned of an army green blouse and a lace pencil skirt - so tough and romantic at the same time!  The weather is getting nicer too, so between the new top and the 50 degrees, I was ecstatic.  Not to mention I got to get Indian food right after this.  I'm in love.

Would you try mixing tough with soft in an outfit?


Pantone Colors of Spring 2014

It's that time of year again - Pantone has released the colors of Spring.  Which colors are you excited to sport this season?  


Oh Say, Can You See?

[Sunnies - Warby Parker; T-Shirt & Booties - Target; Cardigan - H&M; Jeggings - Express; Scarf - Do Everything in Love]

I've had an American flag scarf on my list for a while when I saw it on Jessica at Seams for a Desire.  Luckily, my baby brother loves me... and his country ('Merica), so I got one for Christmas.  Perfect timing for the Olympics!  Even though the games in Sochi may be over, I'm still showing my patriot side.

I also may have loved the chicken nugget commercial for McDonald's... a little too much?

[Bangles - Alex & Ani; Earrings - Gift]


Elements of Style: Rachel Bilson

Elements of Rachel's Style
1. Boyfriend Jeans - I wish I could wear boyfriend jeans like Rachel.  Seeing as she's on the shorter side (5'2") I understand the rolling of the jeans, and I love the look.
2. Frilly Dresses - This is only one of the many beautiful dresses Rachel has donned for the "red carpet".  They are usually pastel and frilly and short and girly.  They all have a vintage feel and look like they're out of a beautiful movie.
3. Leather Jackets - I love leather jackets.  We know this.  No explanation here.
4. Ombre Hair - I don't know if I've expressed this desire here (or anywhere else really) but I think a large reason why I wish I was brunette is so I could have ombre hair.  I don't car if it's on the way out.  I love it.  I want it.  It's chic and it's not and I'm jealous.
5. Designer Bags - Rachel all seems to be carrying a chic bag with her.  Whether it be a large weekender, a side bag, or a clutch, she always accessorizes her bags perfectly.  She definitely makes me want to expand my purse collection.
6. Oversized Sweaters - Who does not love that cable knit or that gray number?  I love oversized sweaters and think they look great with Rachel's jean and booty pairings.
7. Dressed Up Shorts with Heels - Here's one of my favorite trends Rachel wears on and off screen.  I love the shorts with fun shoes look.  A little side note though, has anyone noticed the amount of shorts Rachel's character Zoey Hart wears on Hart of Dixie?  One of my best friends from college moved to southern Mississippi after college and bought a ton of shorts for the relocation.  She immediately called to tell me that shorts are apparently not worn down south and she felt so stupid for having so many.  I would just like to take a moment and tell The CW to do their research - Becky & the other Northerners looking for relocation fashion tips would greatly appreciate it.

Tangent done.


Black & Yellow

[Glasses - Warby Parker; Necklace & Belt - Loft; Shirt & Dress - Gap; Bracelet - Gift; Bag & Tights - Target; Shoes - Strawberry]

I've discovered another outfit for the tights!  I think I can handle this one a little more.  Because I wear black so often, I enjoy adding a pop of color here and there.  Usually that comes in the form of a necklace, cardigan, scarf or shoes.  But the tights really give the outfit something.

I did have an issue with it when Boyfriend said "I like your Steelers outfit."  I'm not a fan of Pittsburgh sports.

Or Big Ben.  Ew.

But I digress, I think they're growing on me.  Watch - by the time I come up with another outfit it'll feel like summer - I'm afraid we're going to skip spring completely.


Award Show Style

[Lupita Nyong'o in Ralph Lauren - photo c/o Us Weekly; Amy Poehler in Stella McCartney - photo c/o Just Jared; Margot Robbie in Gucci - photo c/o E! News

I'm over the moon for Lupita Nyong'o.  She has skyrocketed to becoming such a style icon during this award season.  Her dress is so Audrey and classic.  I loved the edginess of Amy Poehler's dress while still being incredibly tasteful and age appropriate.  This dress reminds me of something my mom would wear (in a good way!), and her sons should be proud to have such a hot mama!  Finally, after seeing The Wolf of Wall Street, I decided Margot Robbie is probably one of the hottest girls out there (I'm a little depressed we're the same age).  This dress just proves that.  It looks like it was painted on her, it's so perfect!

[Anna Faris in Fitriani - Photo c/o Perez Hilton; Miranda Lambert in Pamella Roland - Photo c/o Perez Hilton; Taylor Swift in Gucci - Photo c/o E! News]

I'm quite a sucker for navy, and Anna's dress at the Grammy's was a perfect shade.  She looks so skinny in it, too!  Of course, when looking for a picture of Miranda, I had to find one with Blake. They are one of my favorite celeb couples and he's the perfect accessory.  This red dress really flatters her figure and she looks so Hollywood glam.  Now, I have some personal issues with T.Swift.  But I do have to admit, she was probably the hottest girl at the Grammy's (after the Queen Bey, of course).  Those sequins are amazeeee.

[Camilla Alves with Matthew McConaughey in Donna Karan Atelier - Photo c/o Galmour; Morena Baccarin in Monique Lhuillier - Photo c/o Huffington Post; Lupita Nyong'o in Gucci - Photo c/o Huffington Post]

Another power couple - Camilla & Matthew.  Wow, if there was one person who could pull off a mustard yellow gown at an award show it would be Camilla.  So daring, I love it!  Morena Baccarin looks absolutely fabulous styling for the post-baby bod.  She's so flawless.  And of course, Lupita.  When I saw this dress for the first time, I clicked and stared for probably 30 seconds.  I was so taken away with the color on her and you can get lost in that collar.  Gucci is killing it at the awards shows this season.

"A little Gucci dress, a little Gucci dress, or a little Gucci dress?"
"I know!  A little Gucci dress!"

Name the movie.

[Lupita Nyong'o in Christian Dior - Photo c/o BuzzFeed; Samantha Barks in Calvin Klein - Photo c/o Daily Mail UK; Naomie Harris in Gucci - Photo c/o Daily Mail UK]

Shocker - look who I loved again!  She is absolutely killing it this award show season.  I wonder how hard it is for her under all this pressure she's building for herself.  Like can you imagine the slaughtering she's going to get on Fashion Police when she makes a misstep?  Oh my.  I'm also loving the simplicity of all of these gowns.  Samantha Barks in that dress is precious.  I love the soft colors.  

Anyone shocked that I found another Gucci dress?  I'm not.

[Lupita Nyong'o in Miu Miu - Photo c/o Just Jared; Cate Blanchett in Giorgio Armani - Photo c/o Fashionista Barbie; Kristen Bell in Cavalli - Photo c/o Handbag]

She did it! Lupita won the Oscar and made it into all of my favorite outfit sections she could!  The girl is amazing.  I know everyone is discussing her Nairobi Blue Prada gown but the one I'm still thinking about is the one she wore to the Vanity Fair party.  I just loveeeee that color green on white.  And she just looks amazing as always.

And it must be about "winners" because I'm also swooning over Cate Blanchett's dress.  I think why I love her style so much is it's so ethereal.  She really does look like a fairy princess (in a good way).

Finally, I love Kristen Bell's gown - it reminds me of something vintage and romantic.  I also like that it's not white, but a gray, since that could make it look a little wedding gown-y.  I think I may also love this a lot... because I may or may not be binge watching House of Lies and boyfriend tells me I act like her... every episode.  Which is not necessarily a compliment even though she's a character you like... 

So anyways...

What were your favorite trends of the award season?  Classic & clean a la Golden Globes?  Subdued glam a la Grammys?  Jewel Tones a la SAG Awards?  Bright & poppin' a la BAFTA?  Or soft & romantic a la Academy Awards?  

One thing is for sure, while I still want J.Law to be my best friend, I want to go shopping with her AND Lupita.  I think that would just be one dynamic duo of amazing women.  Can Emma Watson join too?  



[Cardigan, Watch, Tights, & Flats - Target; Dress - Ruche; Belt - Ross; Ring - Forever 21; Photo c/o Peneloping]

When I saw this outfit on Pinterest, I was really drawn.  But those tights!  I just didn't know how I could love this outfit so much with those.  That was when I decided, Sarah, get out of your comfort zone.  You can recreate this outfit!  Go for it!  I don't know if yellow was the best choice to break out into the opaque tights world.  Some comments went as follows:

"Sarah, you're looking a little jaundiced."
"Sarah, I think you over did it with the self-tanner."

But I also received:

"You look like a blonde Zoey Deschanel - Elf style!"
"You're so cute!"

So I was torn.  I think it does bring a lot of color to this crappy weather.  I do have some ideas of wearing it with a wool navy mini skirt... but we'll see.  They may have to go back into hibernating, but maybe I'll do some more Pinspiration.  

[Nail Polish - Essie Wicked & Set in Stones]

Also Pinspired.  Dear snow, please melt.  You're doing some serious damage on my pocket book creativity.



I'm obsessed with the shoe Scandal.  One snow day (that feels like many moons ago) I discovered this ABC drama and was hooked.  I decided I wanted to be Olivia Pope.  She's so beautiful and stylish and smart.  I love powerful women.  I love that her style is very soft and neutral.  She loves her ivories, creams, tans, and grays.  Sounds like a girl after my own heart.  

I definitely have added ivory everything to my wish list these days.  Thank you, Olivia Pope.  Who knew you'd be such a style icon while having an affair with the Prez and fixing everything left & right.