[Cardigan, Watch, Tights, & Flats - Target; Dress - Ruche; Belt - Ross; Ring - Forever 21; Photo c/o Peneloping]

When I saw this outfit on Pinterest, I was really drawn.  But those tights!  I just didn't know how I could love this outfit so much with those.  That was when I decided, Sarah, get out of your comfort zone.  You can recreate this outfit!  Go for it!  I don't know if yellow was the best choice to break out into the opaque tights world.  Some comments went as follows:

"Sarah, you're looking a little jaundiced."
"Sarah, I think you over did it with the self-tanner."

But I also received:

"You look like a blonde Zoey Deschanel - Elf style!"
"You're so cute!"

So I was torn.  I think it does bring a lot of color to this crappy weather.  I do have some ideas of wearing it with a wool navy mini skirt... but we'll see.  They may have to go back into hibernating, but maybe I'll do some more Pinspiration.  

[Nail Polish - Essie Wicked & Set in Stones]

Also Pinspired.  Dear snow, please melt.  You're doing some serious damage on my pocket book creativity.

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