Pip & Kate Update III - Special Down Under Edition

Instead of breaking down the past month for the Middletons, I'm just going to document the fabulous outfits that Kate wore while in New Zealand & Australia.  While I loved all of the outfits she wore, there were a handful that I decided must be recreated in my own closet.  See for yourself:

Kate rocks pleats better than any grown woman I know.

I'm seriously amazed that she can carry baby George, in heels, down stairs of an airplane.  Totally casual.

Kate just took Easter Best to a whole new level.

Mouth has dropped.  SO FREAKING PERFECT.

She also does peplum extremely well.

To a normal person, this would make them look like Kermit the Frog... but not Kate, of course.

I've wanted one of these for a while, and between this dress and watching American Hustle last night, I think I'm sold on the DVF wrap dress.

I think she's adorable, however, Wills looks like a middle aged man next to her youthful figure.

I read an article that predicted this dress would show up in Kate's wardrobe.  And not only did it, but it did the same time Mindy Kaling wore it on her show.  Mindy Lahiri would be so proud.

This was another dress that made me ga-ga.  I think it needs to be mine immediately.  

I love yellow because it puts people in a good mood constantly - this fits that perfectly.

This is such a flattering cut, but the color left more to be desired.

Kate knows how to make a power suit less... scary?  (Maybe it's the fun bracelet a child made for her.  Awww.)

Aside from the cute blazer, how awesome is this picture?  Now this is a couple I could spend some time with.

Okay, I'm getting a little tired of her always looking flawless.  I mean, c'mon now.  This is just too much.

It only took a couple of years for Kate to discover Tory.  I knew it'd be a match made in heaven.  Also, who wears this to a playdate.  Seriously.  Like raise the bar a little higher, why don'tchya?

Must add more jackets to my wardrobe.

The best thing about this?  The future King of England holding the umbrella for his lady.

I'm obsessed with Jenny Packham (a name virtually unknown until Kate arrived, proving we are soulmates) and this is a homerun out of the park in my eyes (but again, love Jenny a tad much).

I look like this when I go to the rugby pitch.  Most definitely.

Rumor has it that Kate designed this dress.  I guess if her current job doesn't work out, she has a fallback, eh?

No words necessary.


Anchor Splash

One of the positives of not being in college any more is being able to wear anchors.  Weird, you may think?  Well, not only do I love anchors and all things nautical, but I also love blue and pink as a combo - which are the colors and symbols of the Delta Gamma [DG] sorority - not my sorority.  Unfortunately, lions are not as common in fashion as anchors, but never fear, I can wear my oceanographer desires!  I love dressing like I'm going on to the yacht for the day.  It's definitely my favorite look when I want to be super comfortable and casual but need to go out in public.  Boat shoes all the way!

Is there a specific look or style that you tend to gravitate towards?



[Necklace, Cami, & Clutch - Target; Bracelet - Kohl's; Cardigan - J.Crew Factory; Skirt - White House Black Market; Shoes - DSW]

I am a huge Audrey Hepburn fan.  I even dressed up as her for Halloween when I was in 6th grade.  I remember no one knowing who I was except for my friend's mom.  It was a little pathetic.  Luckily, every day I can pretend to be Audrey.  When I saw these shoes on DSW, I knew exactly which outfit they would compliment perfectly.  I love the thick heel - it makes them so practical to wear at work and walk around.

Who is your style icon?  Do you find yourself "playing dress-up" to mimic their style?


Easter Best

[Top Row - 1, 2, 3, 4; Bottom Row - 1, 2, 3, 4]

Remember getting dressed up in frilly lace and pastels with gloves and white Mary Janes and hideous straw hats?  I remember a specific white dress with a pale pink satin ribbon.  The sleeves were so puffy I probably could have hid a tamagatchi up there.  I thought I looked fabulous with my nice shoes and white matching hat.  When I got older, my family stopped going to the service where everyone got dressed up and opted for the sunrise service on the top of the mountain.  While those services are awesome because they are so beautiful and you can roll out of bed, it is nice to get really dolled up once in a while.

Do you wear a special Easter dress?  Which one would be your favorite?


Modern Grecian Goddess

[Maxi Dress & Wedges - TJMaxx; Jacket - Target; Scarf - Nine West]

I loveeee this Maxi Dress.  It's strapless and tasteful and makes me feel like a Greek Goddess.  I'm definitely picking up on this fashion craze.  It's just so comfortable!  Also some wonderful things about this outfit - the jean jacket is from the girl's section in Target.  I love it!  It fits so much better than the woman's jacket, so why not?  And this scarf was a birthday gift from my boss - she has excellent taste!

On a sad note, my legs are so white, it looks like I'm wearing white tights.  Oh dear.  Self-tanner, we have some serious work to do.


Elements of Style: Emma Watson

[Photo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

I know I say often that I should be best friends with certain people, but BuzzFeed has pretty much consistently said that this one should be.  So my opinions aside, BuzzFeed quizzes are obviously the say so around here.  They also say that she would play me in a movie.  Emma Watson certainly is no longer little Hermione Granger.

Emma Watson's style is so polished, so clean, I can't help but think she could rule the world one day.  Here are the elements of Emma's style:

1. Mature School-Girl: Emma still wears the tweeds, the pleats, and the blazers of the schoolgirl age, but plays with hem- and necklines, colors and makeup to make the style age-appropriate.
2. Clean Colors: Even though Emma isn't afraid of color, she tends to pick colors that are crisp and clean, rather than warm, cool, or wacky.
3. Jackie O Inspiration: Emma has taken a page from the Jackie O book implementing trenches and big sunglasses into her wardrobe.  
4. English Countryside: Are British people just so much more refined?  Okay, I know it's not true, I've lived there, but Emma has the best elements of English style with tartan prints, equestrian boots, and wool ponchos.
5. Feminine Menswear: Emma has a ton of blazers in her wardrobe and isn't afraid of suiting up for an event.  She looks sharp yet pretty.
6. Classic Silhouettes: When I saw this dress, my jaw dropped.  I want it and I want to find a place to wear it.  Emma tends to pick dresses that are modern yet reminiscent of red carpets past.

Oh, by the way, I cut my hair and asked for this - 

Can you tell I'm hooked?



[Coat - TJMaxx; Pants - Target; Shoes - DSW]

YAYYYYY!!! The weather is finally getting warmer and there is no snow on the ground!  I'm so excited to just be outside - I don't even need to be doing anything.  I just want to see bright colors and have windows rolled down.  I'm obsessed with this bright salmon trench.  It definitely puts me in the mood for sunny weather :)



[Button Down - Gap; Dress - Anthropologie; Pumps - TJMaxx]

This dress is my favorite dress in the world.  It was a dress that took me out of a rather dark time in my life.  Of course, I got it when I was maybe a little heavier, so seeing as it's a strapless and I have yet to get it tailored, I wear it as a skirt.  This outfit makes me feel like Grace Kelly in Stepford.  And that's ok!

Do you have an item of clothing that you purchased to make yourself feel better?


Pip & Kate Update II

It's that time again: let's see what my favorite sister combo has been up to this past month...

Kate has the interior design bug.  She is taking to doing the design on Amner Hall so it feels like their family home.  I wonder what a commoner home is like on the inside.  Or if she has been drawing on inspiration from the family homes.  I would love a Home & Garden tour of this place when it's finished!

Pippa has admitted that the dress that put her on the map may have fit a little too well.  I don't know, I think the girl should rock it.  If I could look that good, I would be wearing things like that daily.

Everyone is reporting on Wills & Kate missing Georgie's first crawl.  I personally feel bad for the parents missing such a pivotal moment in their kid's life, but I think that just proves they're real - working parents, ya know?

Get to know Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, Prince George's new nanny!  She trained at the school for nanny's (seriously?!) and will be responsible for taking care of the future king - no pressure lady.

The royals attended a wedding for some of their close friends.  I wonder what the family will wear to my wedding, since I'm clearly one of their besties.  I haven't decided if I like the aristocratic male wedding attire... it seems a little 80's to me.  Thoughts?

Make sure you check out Pippa's two Telegraph articles (did I mention how much I love that she has a segment?) - one on what it's like to be a rower at Cambridge and one on London's Pancake Hot Spots.

I'm super excited that Hobb's - a designer-fave of the Middleton's - is coming to Bloomy's!  Dresses are starting under $200 and will be starting in the East Coast... I'm waiting.......

Until next month :)