Pip & Kate Update III - Special Down Under Edition

Instead of breaking down the past month for the Middletons, I'm just going to document the fabulous outfits that Kate wore while in New Zealand & Australia.  While I loved all of the outfits she wore, there were a handful that I decided must be recreated in my own closet.  See for yourself:

Kate rocks pleats better than any grown woman I know.

I'm seriously amazed that she can carry baby George, in heels, down stairs of an airplane.  Totally casual.

Kate just took Easter Best to a whole new level.

Mouth has dropped.  SO FREAKING PERFECT.

She also does peplum extremely well.

To a normal person, this would make them look like Kermit the Frog... but not Kate, of course.

I've wanted one of these for a while, and between this dress and watching American Hustle last night, I think I'm sold on the DVF wrap dress.

I think she's adorable, however, Wills looks like a middle aged man next to her youthful figure.

I read an article that predicted this dress would show up in Kate's wardrobe.  And not only did it, but it did the same time Mindy Kaling wore it on her show.  Mindy Lahiri would be so proud.

This was another dress that made me ga-ga.  I think it needs to be mine immediately.  

I love yellow because it puts people in a good mood constantly - this fits that perfectly.

This is such a flattering cut, but the color left more to be desired.

Kate knows how to make a power suit less... scary?  (Maybe it's the fun bracelet a child made for her.  Awww.)

Aside from the cute blazer, how awesome is this picture?  Now this is a couple I could spend some time with.

Okay, I'm getting a little tired of her always looking flawless.  I mean, c'mon now.  This is just too much.

It only took a couple of years for Kate to discover Tory.  I knew it'd be a match made in heaven.  Also, who wears this to a playdate.  Seriously.  Like raise the bar a little higher, why don'tchya?

Must add more jackets to my wardrobe.

The best thing about this?  The future King of England holding the umbrella for his lady.

I'm obsessed with Jenny Packham (a name virtually unknown until Kate arrived, proving we are soulmates) and this is a homerun out of the park in my eyes (but again, love Jenny a tad much).

I look like this when I go to the rugby pitch.  Most definitely.

Rumor has it that Kate designed this dress.  I guess if her current job doesn't work out, she has a fallback, eh?

No words necessary.

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