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Like what you see?  Here are some blogs that inspire me daily:

| Lauren Conrad | - LC from Laguna/Hills fame started my blogging obsession.

| Fash Boulevard | - Anna writes for Lauren Conrad but her own blog is full of bright and fun outfits.

| Running on Happiness | - Kate's dreamy southwestern style makes me swoon.

| Style Cusp | - Marissa has a crisp and clean style synonymous with living in Connecticut.

| B Soup | - Bethany is not afraid of bold and fabulous and I LOVE it.

| To Brighten My Day | - Christine started TBMD for the same reasons I started TCB, so I feel pretty connected to her.

| Oh So Glam | - Christina does Bohemian so well!

| Bows & Sequins | Jessica is a fellow Bears fan living on the East Coast and I secretly want her to be my friend because she's hilarious!

| Saucy Glossie | - You may have seen Lindsey on TJMaxx commercials, but she has started to promote healthy living and exercise, and I'm loving the fashion/workout combo.

| Brooklyn Blonde | - Helena has the greatest coat collection I've ever seen.

| Monika Hibbs | - Previously The Doctor's Closet, Monika has some of the best interior design posts.

| Ring My Bell | - If you are a fan of Revenge, you'll recognize Ashley Madekwe and miss her presence on the show all over again.

| City Tonic | - Jessye is a Bostonian who understands dressing for East Coast weather.

| Tuula | - Aside from the gorgeous outfits, Jessica is a world-traveler documenting some of the most unique places in the world that she visits.  JEALOUS.

| Atlantic-Pacific | - I have yet to meet a fashion blog lover who doesn't adore Blair.  No wonder fashion goddess, Tory Burch, snagged her up!

| Marionberry Style | - You know that older sister you wish you had (I don't have an older sister... but maybe you do and wish you had another haha?), yeah, Marion is that person to me.  She blogs her outfits with a dose of wisdom, advice, and a whole lotta fun.  If I had to invite five bloggers to dinner, she'd be a no-brainer.

| A Fashion Love Affair | - Cara knows how to create the perfect balance between high-low price items.

| Pink Peonies | - I secretly want to be a Skalla sister.  Rachel is the owner of Pink Peonies and is flawless.

| The Ivory Lane | - And Emily is her older sister who has such a sweet and stylish family.

| Kendi Everyday | - Kendi is one of the fashion bloggers who created the world we live in - she has such great and real style!

| Hello, Gorgeous | - If you ever need inspiration for work, Yasi is your girl!  Always fashionable and always appropriate.

| Gal Meets Glam | - I may or may not have a girl crush on Julia who has the style I think I have haha.

| Wendy's Lookbook | - Wendy is so cute and tiny and wears jaw-dropping outfits.

| Living in Color Print | - Kristin is one of the most driven girls I've ever seen and she does everything so gracefully.

| Vmac & Cheese | - Like Marion, Victoria is a very insightful blogger who goes beyond fashion.

| Penny Pincher Fashion | - If you want to learn how to layer, Kimberly is your girl.  I have yet to see someone do it as well as her - even professionals!

| Late Afternoon | - Liz not only has great style but makes some of the best floral arrangements.

| Southern Curls & Pearls | - Ever want to be a modern-day southern belle?  Caitlin looks like a Carolina Sweetheart without being too overdone for this Northeastern girl :).

| Mix & Match Fashion | - Another professional genius, Tara, like Yasi of Hello, Gorgeous, knows how to be fashionable and appropriate for the workplace.

| The Stylish Housewife | - Sometimes, just sometimes, I have to remind myself that if you can look this good and be a mom, you should probably step up your game when your dependent is a very independent cat.

| Suburban Faux-Pas | - Krystin looks like a modern day 50s housewife.  No one wears pearls as well as she does.

| J's Everday Fashion | - Do you look in your closet and think, I have nothing to wear?  J is the blogger who fixes that for you almost daily.  Her tips on budgeting are spot on.

| Seams for a Desire | - Spanish Jess looks like a freakin' model in affordable clothing.

| Poor Little It Girl | - If you are under 5'3" you HAVE to check out Cathy's blog - she may be tiny but she can wear any outfit as well as any girl.

| Always Eat Dessert | - One of my best friends from college, Allison, is going to give Martha/Gwyneth/Blake a run for her money - she's a knock out in cooking, diy, and fashion!

| Simplicity Relished | - Daisy is one of the most intelligent and sweetest bloggers around.  I just adore her and her blog full of fashion and advice.

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