Pip & Kate Update I

Welcome to my new series - Pip & Kate Update!  It's just going to be a little round up of the past month in the Middleton Girls's World - what they've done, what they've worn, all you need to know.  Even though I do all sorts of different fashion on the blog, I still want to stay true to my initial drive - to emulate the Middleton classic style in my every day life.  So without further ado:


Did you know Kate & Audrey Hepburn have more in common than great style?  Watch this video to see Kate play Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady in grade school.  The rainnnn in Spppaaiinnn falls mainnnly on the plaiiiinnnn.

Jet-Set Babes

Kate & George went on a family vacay to Mustique.  I guess if you are on a plane where you pick the passengers, it's not too bad to fly with a baby.  But I really enjoy these pictures of the future King and his mom.  It's so normal and I love that.  I also love his little sailor hat.  


Kate rewore her stunning Jenny Packham dress for the National Portrait Gallery Gala and donned a little more bling for the event, too.  The Spin reports that they believe she's going to be playing it safe with her formal wear after the Queen's rumored guidelines (that whole hemline thing).  Regardless, I love the dress, but I also have wanted Jenny Packham to make my wedding dress for years now.

Blue Puffy Smurf

Pippa has restored my faith in puffy jackets.  I love the jacket she was seen in this February.  She makes being cold look awesome.  Fact: It's not.

Blue Valentine

Kate spent V-day in blue opening an art therapy room.  She looked stunning in the Detroit Dress and what's a better way to spend the day of love than spreading it to people who find love through art.  Read more about her February 14th here.

Food of Love

Did you know Pippa is a journalist?  She has a column in The Telegraph and this month she finds out if oysters really are an aphrodisiac.  I can tell you, I don't think so.  There's nothing about garlic, horseradish, vinegar, and all the stuff being gulped down as to feel like you're not eating phlegm that is a turn on.  I'm just saying.  But read what Pippa finds, and also her 5 Valentine Things to Try.

Lady in Red at the Dramatic Arts Reception

After the BAFTA awards, the Queen held a Dramatic Arts Reception where Kate rewore her red Alexander McQueen pleated dress.  Repurposing dresses - oh Kate, you're so thrifty!

Read about Kate chatting with the hottest grandma in a bikini - Helen Mirren (I LOVE HER).

Love Locket

Kate has been seen sporting a necklace with Baby George's name.  Precious!  Rumor has it, Auntie Pippa purchased the gem   The maker is Merci Maman and I'm pretty sure they'll be out of stock very soon.


Poncho Snow

[Earrings - Vintage; Sweater - TJ Maxx; Top & Rings - Target; Bracelets - Alex & Ani; Jeans - Express; Boots - Aerosoles]

Hi, it's snowing for the 128,947th time.  Shocking.  While I like the snow being very pretty, it's obnoxious.  I feel so lazy!  And I'm stuck inside a ton.  Luckily, I have this warm poncho sweater that I adore that I can wear all of the time. It's one of the warmest things I've ever purchased.  It's one of the main reasons I adore TJ Maxx.

In other news, I'm starting lots of new shows due to the snow - An Idiot Abroad, Downton Abbey, True Detective, and House of Cards.  Do any of you watch the show?  Any thoughts?  


Snow Storm

Happy Snow Day!  I think the last time there was even close to this much snow I was a munchkin!  I'm definitely loving the snow day and the pretty snow.  After this I'm totally making snow angels and acting like a kid.  

I hope everyone is enjoying the snowpocolypse.  Also - yay for new nerdy glasses!  



Have you heard of the website/app BlogLovin'?  It's my favorite organization tool when it comes to my obsessive blog stalking.  When I started following blogs, I would read them every single day.  After finding more and more, it just became too much.  I then proceeded to organize them in bookmarks by a day of the week and would read them that way.  But now, with the BlogLovin' app on my iPad, I have one place where I can scroll through my favorite bloggers recent posts and stay on track.  Don't you hate when there is a giveaway you missed or an outfit inspiration you could have used a couple of days ago?  Never fear - this solves all of those problems.  I do find some of the blogs I follow don't accurately transfer to the app, but there is a nice link at the bottom of the post where you can see the original post, making it easy to never miss a step.

Since I'm an avid lover of blogs and I support the blogging community dearly, here are five blogs I follow on BlogLovin':

Style Cusp - Run by Marissa, this blog has many adorable fashion posts, but the ones I really like are her new inspirational series.  She does a great job finding inspirational quotes, motivational tips and just all around aspects for self improvement.  She has also started sharing what she's finding out there in the blog world which I greatly enjoy since I love discovering new blogs.

Bows & Sequins - Run by Jessica, this blog has adorable outfits that I can actually see myself wearing.  I appreciate those blogs with outfits that are super couture, but sometimes I want realistic inspiration.  The middle of nowhere is not really appreciative of Helmut Lang, but they can get on board with Vineyard Vines.

Tuula - I love traveling (hello, I based my major on it), and Jessica Stein goes everywhere and blogs about it.  She's originally from Australia, but I think this girl hits every continent once a season!  It's always fun to see where she goes next and her pictures are stunning.  Many times she shows places that I have never heard of and they promptly are added to my "must see" list.  

Marionberry Style - Meet my favorite blogger, Marion.  Seriously.  She's so funny, so pretty, and so REAL.  There's nothing about her life that you think is "masked for the blog world" yet you sit there and go, "wow, glamorous".  Her son, Cooper, is precious and she doesn't make me get all squirmy about pregnancy and babies.  She is a school psychologist and she really makes me think it's something I want to do from her fun stories (I'm sure she'd talk me out of it, though :P).  She never fails to add a smile to my face in the morning.

Wendy's Lookbook - Wendy is drop dead gorgeous and so are her clothes.  I can't get enough of them.  If I could wear anything every day it would be something in her closet.  Whenever she gets all gussied up, I just drool over the beautiful gowns she wears.  She has one green number that I'm more than obsessed with (if I every see a green maxi like it, I'm buying it... and proceeding to make opportunities to wear it).  She has the perfect fantasy wardrobe when you want to escape reality.

And as always, shameless plug, follow me, The Crown Bijoux, for fun updates!  


Green with Envy

[Top - TJMaxx; Pants & Shoes - Target; Gold Pave Chain Bracelet - J.Crew Factory]

I've had this shirt for a couple of years now and it's become quite the staple in my wardrobe.  I love the color, the material is super soft, is hard to wrinkle and washes well, and the back detail is the best!  My biggest recommendation is hit up your local TJMaxx, Ross, Marshall's, etc. and see if you can find a romantic blouse that isn't your typical Oxford blouse (I get so sick of those in the workplace).  The one thing I've had to learn with this shirt is to not play it safe.  The fancy cheetah flats were a step out of my comfort zone but I love how they look with this outfit.  Breaking up two things that normally wouldn't go together (teal and cheetah) with basic black really helps!



Uni Style

[Booties, Tights, Shorts - Target; Top - Banana Republic; Blazer & Black Enamel Bracelet - Kohl's; Pashmina - Gift; Pave Chain Link Bracelet - J.Crew Factory; Elephant Bracelet - Forever 21; Ring - 3 10 Rosemont]

When I lived in England, so many girls wore tights with shorts there.  Some wore Keds/Conversey, some wore flats, some wore booties.  I quickly adopted the look since I had to live out of 2 suitcases for 5 months and loved having multiple options.  I also started my blazer obsession over there, and scarves were a must.  What do you think about the "uni" look?


If the Shoe Fits...

Have you ever looked at a picture of Kate Middleton and thought, how does she wear those shoes all day?  How does she walk in them?  How does she look so fabulous?  Well, ladies, I'm hear to give you some tricks about shopping for shoes - courtesy of her future Majesty.  Something I picked up on very quickly when checking out Kate's style, is that she tends to have some shoe favorites.

So what can we learn from Kate's style?

First things first: Picking a shoe in general!  Kate definitely understands staples and the perfect black pump is a staple.  I don't know what I would do if I didn't own one pair (let alone five).  Kate's decision on the black pump is suede, and naturally that means I'm on the hunt.  When purchasing the staples, there is something that I strongly suggest.  Pick your top 5 staple shoes.  For me those include a pair of equestrian boots, black pumps, black flats, nude pumps, and every day flip flops (yes).  You should be willing to spend top dollar on these shoes.  Something I've definitely found is that you can walk MILES in well made heels.  If this is a shoe you know you're going to wear every day (like me in black and nude pumps at work), you need to make sure you look at the shoe as an investment.

My second piece of advice to finding the perfect shoes are the fit!  I have fat feet.  No, REALLY.  And they have crazy high arches (helped in ballet, not in life).  My mom always taught me how to find the perfect shoe by doing the toe test.  You know the one I'm talking about.  Here's the thing I recently discovered in my shoes.  My feet fit comfortably in an 8 1/2 normal shoe because they are so wide.  But if I were to buy a wide shoe, I'd be a size 7.  I have shoes that are size 9!  No wonder I constantly walk out of them!  Something I've learned is that shoes stretch out.  Make sure you are choosing a shoe that fits lengthwise, and then decide if it will stretch out.  Sometimes the shoe is tight when I try it on but I have to remember that I may wear it with hose and a little socks & blow drying action may give it some air.  Plus, I don't have to worry about walking out of the shoe.  Also, pick shoes you can walk in based on things like the base.  See how Kate's favorite LK Bennett's have a platform base?  This helps so much when wearing your heels all day.  

The final step to finding the right shoe is making sure it's wearable to live in and versatile.  Kate's Stuart Weitzman cork wedges are her go to when she means business.  Kate wore these constantly during the Olympic Games in London because she was a busy bee!  She had to do a lot of walking and she was wearing lots of jeans.  These shoes look great for a casual look - thanks to the cork!  However, Kate has also worn these with dresses and they look incredibly appropriate.  This is where I say, I love wedges.  A couple of years ago (senior year of college to be exact) I started to change towards wedges.  I hated them.  Hated.  But then, they started to grow on me and now I wear them all the time.  They never hinder me and they are so versatile.  I can wear them at work with a dress and then wear them while I'm out bar crawling. 



[Necklace - J.Crew Factory; Dress, Gloves, Tights & Booties - Target; Purse - ASOS]

When I shop at Target, I tend to go for things on super sale (for example, I used my Target Cartwheel app the other day to get 25% off the already on sale athletic wear, for which I already had an $8 off coupon.  SCORE!) but when I saw this dress, I knew I found my Christmas Eve dress.  I love the mod silhouette and funky design in the winter white.  Added with the leather gloves and quilted purse, it just seems so Twiggy.  

The awesome black square bauble necklace was a gift for Christmas from the boyfriend, and I'm in love (with both... but definitely the necklace ;)).