Have you heard of the website/app BlogLovin'?  It's my favorite organization tool when it comes to my obsessive blog stalking.  When I started following blogs, I would read them every single day.  After finding more and more, it just became too much.  I then proceeded to organize them in bookmarks by a day of the week and would read them that way.  But now, with the BlogLovin' app on my iPad, I have one place where I can scroll through my favorite bloggers recent posts and stay on track.  Don't you hate when there is a giveaway you missed or an outfit inspiration you could have used a couple of days ago?  Never fear - this solves all of those problems.  I do find some of the blogs I follow don't accurately transfer to the app, but there is a nice link at the bottom of the post where you can see the original post, making it easy to never miss a step.

Since I'm an avid lover of blogs and I support the blogging community dearly, here are five blogs I follow on BlogLovin':

Style Cusp - Run by Marissa, this blog has many adorable fashion posts, but the ones I really like are her new inspirational series.  She does a great job finding inspirational quotes, motivational tips and just all around aspects for self improvement.  She has also started sharing what she's finding out there in the blog world which I greatly enjoy since I love discovering new blogs.

Bows & Sequins - Run by Jessica, this blog has adorable outfits that I can actually see myself wearing.  I appreciate those blogs with outfits that are super couture, but sometimes I want realistic inspiration.  The middle of nowhere is not really appreciative of Helmut Lang, but they can get on board with Vineyard Vines.

Tuula - I love traveling (hello, I based my major on it), and Jessica Stein goes everywhere and blogs about it.  She's originally from Australia, but I think this girl hits every continent once a season!  It's always fun to see where she goes next and her pictures are stunning.  Many times she shows places that I have never heard of and they promptly are added to my "must see" list.  

Marionberry Style - Meet my favorite blogger, Marion.  Seriously.  She's so funny, so pretty, and so REAL.  There's nothing about her life that you think is "masked for the blog world" yet you sit there and go, "wow, glamorous".  Her son, Cooper, is precious and she doesn't make me get all squirmy about pregnancy and babies.  She is a school psychologist and she really makes me think it's something I want to do from her fun stories (I'm sure she'd talk me out of it, though :P).  She never fails to add a smile to my face in the morning.

Wendy's Lookbook - Wendy is drop dead gorgeous and so are her clothes.  I can't get enough of them.  If I could wear anything every day it would be something in her closet.  Whenever she gets all gussied up, I just drool over the beautiful gowns she wears.  She has one green number that I'm more than obsessed with (if I every see a green maxi like it, I'm buying it... and proceeding to make opportunities to wear it).  She has the perfect fantasy wardrobe when you want to escape reality.

And as always, shameless plug, follow me, The Crown Bijoux, for fun updates!  

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