To Shop or Not To Shop

I love shopping.  It's one of my favorite things - shopping for me or others, finding gifts for people, and browsing the interwebs.  I don't need to "swipe the plastic" to get the exhilarating feeling I get from shopping.  So why do I go out and buy a new top when I want it or a vase for my place, even though I have nowhere to put it yet... 

Every year I give up something for Lent in an effort to be a better person.  I've given up soda, meat, swearing, and many other things.  Most of the time, I tend to find out more about myself and make alterations to my life.  I recently gave up cheese for the month of February and it made me realize that it A) doesn't really effect me the way I thought it might and B) is something I don't need to eat every meal.  I'm hoping this round, I'll save more money to spend on memories, not materials.  I also hope that I focus on the things I already have, since I am so lucky to be able to have as many clothes and things as I do.  Joy doesn't come from material things.  And I need to remember this!

Have you given up something for lent?  Would you ever consider giving up shopping for yourself for a period of time? 


Bachelor Women Tell All Recap

So how about that Women Tell All last night, ladies?!

I was out in Pittsburgh for a business trip, so I missed the first 15 (most likely boring) minutes, but made it just minutes before the issues started between Britt & Carly.

Looking back on it, while I like Carly, she was pretty mean.  She definitely had some jealousy issues over Britt which is probably where a lot of this came from.  But I don't think she was wrong about Britt.  She acted like a spoiled brat who has never felt pain before, and "I'm just such a good person, why'd you have to go and be so mean."  And the crying, oh the ugly crying.  I just hope she finds a friend who can get her to pull herself together and realize that she looked for love on a television show.

Also, that whole comment about how much she loves children and sponsors children, and goes to other countries for children.  Seriously.  We get that you're a good person, and you get it, too.

Jillian - no one cares what you're saying.  You're the girl with the censor block when you're not in a bikini.

Moving on to Ashley S.  My favorite. person. ever.

Seriously - Can she be my best friend?  I love how weird she is!  And I completely understand wanting to act silly in front of the cameras.  I'd probably be the same way.  She's probably the most intelligent person who's ever been on this show and NO ONE knows.

But let's discuss the best part of the night: Kelsey and Ashley I.

Kelsey is still a crazy person and her eloquence and calculated words aren't fooling anyone.  I'm not sure where she went to college, Miss "Crazy Smart" doesn't have a LinkedIn, and, trust me, when you go to one of the top 10 schools in America - you brag about it.  So I she is living in quite a delusional world.  But you do have to feel for her when it comes to talking about her husband being "made up".  You can't get away with that on national television.  And for Ashley I to think that everything Kelsey said about her to be just the same as the accusations she made about Kelsey, it is pretty out of line.

But that's because I think Ashley I is the worst person ever.  The most fascinating thing is that she watched those episodes of herself on tv and doesn't realize how AWFUL she is.  For a girl who looks in the mirror 8 hours a day, she really should see the faces she makes and how unattractive she looks.

What were your favorite moments??  Does anyone else think that Kaitlyn may be the next Bachelorette?

[All photos found on zap2it]