Weekend Getaway

[Necklace, Bag & Booties - Target; Sweater, Dress as Skirt, Knot Bracelet, Elephant Bracelet, Bow Ring, Infinity Ring - Forever 21; Belt - H&M; Pearl Nest Ring - 3:10 Rosemont]

I love Alexandria.  Just love. A couple of weekends ago, we traveled to the Port City for some relaxation and much needed get out of town fun.  I love the old buildings, brick, pretty colors, and fall decorations.  I could just walk around here for days and days and find something new each time.  I even discovered a Lou Lou's (accessory store) and Paper Source to indulge my weaknesses.  And I'm pretty sure I gained 12 lbs with all the delicious food I consumed including the most awesome Middle Eastern cuisine I've ever had (fried artichokes, anyone?)


October Birchbox Review

ChapStick Hydration Lock: I'm so obsessed with ChapStick.  I have a tube everywhere.  Multiple in my purse, one next to my bed, a couple in my car, a handful in my office... I have issues.  This ChapStick is awesome too.  It definitely makes my lips kissable smooth.  I'll definitely be grabbing this kind next time I find myself without one of my 8 chapsticks.

12 Benefits Hair Treatment: Since I have incredibly long hair, I'm really into different hair treatments and finding what works for me.  It smells great and from what I can tell, it gives my hair the shine and oomph it needs down to the tip!  I think I'm sold!

theBalm cosmetics Stain: Due to my obsession with chapstick, I'm a big advocate for lipstain.  The color of this one looks scary in the tube but is the soft glow I'm looking for.  I did try it a couple of times on my cheeks (like it suggested), but I wasn't very impressed.  I looked more like I have a rash or some weird sort of sunburn... not cute.  I would definitely stick with this for a lipstain on the go.

dr. brandt Skin Exfoliant: You know the expression as smooth as a baby's bottom?  My face actually feels better.  Like still in the womb better.  This was one perfect exfoliant with onnnnneeee teeny tiny downside.  I smell like Lemon Pinesol.  

Supergoop Sunscreen: Sunscreen is super important for a snowflake, like myself.  It was not oily and did not clog my pores.  Highly important for a girl who has to lather it on, on the daily.

Pick of the Month: Honestly, probably the chapstick.  This was a great box, and if not for the cleaning product smell of the exfoliant, I would probably pick the exfoliant.  If you like the smell or think it wouldn't matter, seriously try it out.  That said, I can honestly say I will be purchasing many more of these chapstick tubes in the future.

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Black & White & Red in Some Places

[Top - TJMaxx; Cami, Jeans & Clutch - Target; Heels - Ross]

This was the first shirt I bought when the peplum trend emerged.  Not only was it risky because of the new trend, the crochet pattern and the low back made it more special.  I love this shirt though for how fancy it looks (and trust me it's not).  I don't care what anyone says - white after Labor Day is fun :)


PLL Confessions

I have a confession.  It's been 2 weeks, and I have watched one full season and a handful of episodes of Pretty Little Liars and I'm obsessed.  I can only watch it when it's daylight and I do tend to pick up on every creak in my house.  It's so good.  I'm only on Season 2 (shhh, don't tell me what happens!) but I'm addicted.  It's seriously worrying me.  I wonder if there's just something about a show using the Gilmore Girls set that makes me go to psycho proportions (Hart of Dixie films there too!)...

Anyways.  I'm obsessed with all of the girls styles on the show.  I think I even appreciate Aria's crazy style... Maybe.  Haha.

[Dress - Ruche; Vest - Bloomingdales; Shoes - Monsoon; Love Ring - New York & Company; Earrings - In Pink; Picture c/o shessmart.com]

Aria's style is super vintage with a side of urban and a touch of victoria romantic.  She's not afraid of color, texture, or intensity.

[Blazer - Dorothy Perkins; Top - ShopBop; Clutch - ThreadSence; Shoes - ShoeMint; Jeans - Rebecca Taylor; Photo c/o cnn.com]

Hannah is the fashionista of the group, always trying to look super trendy and super stylish.  She is a little edgy and loves mixing patterns.

[Photo c/o wheretoget.it; Headband - Accessorize; Belt - The Loft; Shoes - Theory; Top - Joie; Skirt - Gap]

Spencer's style is the one most like mine.  Super preppy, she prefers dainty and soft as opposed to her tough and brash personality.  If she doesn't own half of J.Crew & Anthropologie, I would be surprised.

[Photo c/o Seventeen; Scarf - Anthropologie; Boots - Spool 72; Bookbag - Urban Outfitters: Top - Swell; Shorts - Target]

Emily is the typical tomboy.  She mixes cute girly looks with the typical sporty flair.  Backpacks, shorts, and comfy shoes, she isn't afraid of a pop of color.

Now everyone please watch my obsession so I can discuss everything that's going through my head after the last episode.


Butterfly Boucher - 1 Dress 3 Ways

[First Outfit: Dress & Necklace - LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's; Ribbon Belt - Own; Shoes - J.Crew ; Hat - TJMaxx]
[Second Outfit: Dress as Shirt - LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's; Skirt - J.Crew; Shoes - Steve Madden; Necklace - Target]
[Third Outfit: Dress as Shirt - LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's; Cami & Shoes - Target; Blazer - Express; Jeans - Levi's at TJMaxx; Necklace - The Loft]

I purchased this dress with the sole purpose to wear it to work.  Pretty & flirty, it was conservative enough to wear and I was looking for dresses I could wear without blazers or cardigans.  But after lots of wear and washing, regardless of the water temperature and air drying, it just seemed to get shorter and shorter.  I have long legs and dresses tend to ride up easily so there I was at work realizing that if I wore this dress another time, I'd be on the blacklist.  But my heart loves this dress & I refuse to give up so easily.  While I still wear the dress to church and brunches, I continue to wear it as a shirt to work.  It looks great with many different kinds of skirts - this one I had worn to work (hence the nice creasing in the skirt... I'm working on fixing that).  I can also wear it out for a dinner date with jeans when I tie it up in the back and hide it behind a blazer.  Even the under slip I wear as a nightgown.  Mission Accepted & Complete.


The Changing of the Guard

One of my coworkers asked me how to update her wardrobe and move on from her daily uniform - black blazer, black pants, black or nude heels/wedges, and a bright colored shirt with a fun necklace.  While I started going on a rampant monologue of blazers and dresses and colors and mixing and matching and... she was overwhelmed.  Even though I have hopes & dreams for her wardrobe, while staying true to herself, we started with the first element - the blazer.  Adding colorful and fun blazers to a wardrobe puts a twist on the every day business look.


Coral Rock

[Earrings - Target; Pashmina - Gift; Dress - Ya; Shoes - DSW]

After the Memorial Day wedding, I ended the summer with a Labor Day wedding.  I've had this dress for a while now, but I never had the occasion to wear it.  And wow is it comfortable!  I tend to hate how strapless dresses cut my underarm fat but this one makes me happy.  Plus the braiding and pleats are perfect for flattery!


September Birchbox Review

BCBGMaxAzria Bon Genre: I definitely got a lot of compliments on this scent.  It definitely has a sultry smell.  I however prefer much more fresh scents.

Dr. Lipp Orginial Nipple Balm for Lips: I appreciate a good lipbalm.  Most of the reason I love lipstain is so I can apply and reapply chapstick but still have color on my lips.  I can imagine this stuff is amazing when you have insanely chapped lips.  It's smoother and less oily than vaseline so it's definitely the cure for those days.

Serge Normant Meta Luxe Hair Spray: I have this curling iron that produces the most beautiful curls but with my more than naturally straight hair, it refuses to stay curled no matter what I do.  I tend to put hairsprays to the test with this one, hoping one day I will find the one that will hold the curl.  All that said, this one did not.  While it's a very nice hairspray, it didn't wow me and the smell was a little to musky for me.

Coastal Secrets Eye Shadow: I rarely play up my eyes when I go to work, but I decided to try these colors out (separately at first, then in combos0 on a casual Friday.  Wow did I get compliments.  I found that 3 out of the 4 colors garnered rave reviews.  The one I wouldn't even leave the house with on.  It was a red... it was weird.  Which reminds me of how I wore red eye shadow at one point... oh Sarah...
So would I purchase this eye shadow?  Mmm... it's still a little intense for my taste.  I have found that I'm still gravitating towards my golds, but they do mix nicely.

Ruffian Nail Laquer - Fox Hunt: I loveeeeee this color.  I like how bright it is without being neon.  I've been loving orange nails and this nail polish gets it perfectly.  It went on seemlessly and lasted a good long while.  All these things make me a definite fan.

[Trying out the eyeshadow & nail polish]

September Must-Have: Ruffian Nail Laquer for sure!

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1 Skirt 2 Ways: Aztec

I love trends.  I don't love buying something super cute, super trendy, something I love and will always covet but then can't wear because it's out of style... and I wore it twice. So one of the games I play when I do take the plunge and buy the trendy thing I love, is see what I can wear with the outfit.  Then I do a dance and finally decide when to exit the house in said outfits...

Casual Day Look:

[Top, Purse & Booties - Target; Bangle Bracelets - Kohl's; Skirt - Express]

Going Out At Night Look:

[Top - TJMaxx; Purse & Heels - Strawberry; Skirt - Express]

I Live On a Farm and Dress for the Club Right In Front of My Brother's PickUp Look:

Maybe next time I'll wear knee-high stiletto boots, leather leggings, and pose next to the goat.