October Birchbox Review

ChapStick Hydration Lock: I'm so obsessed with ChapStick.  I have a tube everywhere.  Multiple in my purse, one next to my bed, a couple in my car, a handful in my office... I have issues.  This ChapStick is awesome too.  It definitely makes my lips kissable smooth.  I'll definitely be grabbing this kind next time I find myself without one of my 8 chapsticks.

12 Benefits Hair Treatment: Since I have incredibly long hair, I'm really into different hair treatments and finding what works for me.  It smells great and from what I can tell, it gives my hair the shine and oomph it needs down to the tip!  I think I'm sold!

theBalm cosmetics Stain: Due to my obsession with chapstick, I'm a big advocate for lipstain.  The color of this one looks scary in the tube but is the soft glow I'm looking for.  I did try it a couple of times on my cheeks (like it suggested), but I wasn't very impressed.  I looked more like I have a rash or some weird sort of sunburn... not cute.  I would definitely stick with this for a lipstain on the go.

dr. brandt Skin Exfoliant: You know the expression as smooth as a baby's bottom?  My face actually feels better.  Like still in the womb better.  This was one perfect exfoliant with onnnnneeee teeny tiny downside.  I smell like Lemon Pinesol.  

Supergoop Sunscreen: Sunscreen is super important for a snowflake, like myself.  It was not oily and did not clog my pores.  Highly important for a girl who has to lather it on, on the daily.

Pick of the Month: Honestly, probably the chapstick.  This was a great box, and if not for the cleaning product smell of the exfoliant, I would probably pick the exfoliant.  If you like the smell or think it wouldn't matter, seriously try it out.  That said, I can honestly say I will be purchasing many more of these chapstick tubes in the future.

[This review is in no way affiliated, paid for, or sponsored by Birchbox.  All opinions are my own & I review for the purpose of knowledge - not for extra Birchbox glory ;)]

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