The Pippa Bag

The Pippa Bag

The Pippa Bag by sarahdusinberre featuring travel handbags

I love Modalu's Pippa Bag (40% because it's Pippa's fave, 60% because it's chic and practical) and flip every day between saving the money for the real thing, getting a similar one by another fave designer, or going the cheaper route.  Thoughts?


Black Betty

(Dress (old) & Aviators - TJMaxx; Hat - Kohl's; Shoes (old) - Old Navy; Bracelet - Gift from Ireland)

It was a beautiful day with no humidity (uh, wha?!) and I was looking for a light easy outfit to wear while driving, shopping, and being on the run.  This is my go-to dress for exactly days like that!  I love the cut, the back, and most of all - it's super comfortable!

Wow... I went exclamation point happy...


Naval Academy

[Dress - Ruche; Jacket, Bow, & Shoes (old) - Target; Watch - Michael Kors; Earrings - Simply Charming Boutique]

(Pippa's Dress - Orla Kiely, Photo Courtesy of RDuJour)

I took this nautical looking outfit Pippa wore to the Jubilee celebration and tried to create it in my own way. This Ruche dress was on my wish list for some time and when I decided to spend some money, it was fate that the last one of these was in my size.  I wore this to probably the last graduation I would attend at my alma mater.  Two of my best friends were graduating and even though the rain held off, the muggy Central PA weather did not (Cute hair, Sarah).  I love these two girls oodles and I'm so proud of them!  I seriously have amazing friends.


Gifts Fit For A Prince(ss)

1. Red Envelope T-Shirt 2. Gund Boo Stuffed Dog 3. Pottery Barn Music Box 4. Janie & Jack Dobie Striped Dress 5. The Little Prince 7. Storksak Diaper Bag 8. Ralph Lauren Layette Rugby Coverall 9. Silver Cross Kensington Pram 10. Pottery Barn Zebra Rockinghorse

The positives of not being Kate's bff?  Not having to figure out what to buy the baby that will be King or Queen of England.  But these little gems are pretty adorable.  Besties please take note: If you have a baby you may get one of these adorable items.

And yes, I realized I skipped 6... oops.


Boyfriend's First

[Blazer - Kohl's (old); Dress - Target (old); Shoes - Audrey Brooke at DSW (old); Purse - Longchamp; Watch - Michael Kors; Sunnies and Earrings - TJMaxx] 

(Photo of Pippa, Courtesy of people.com)

I took this outfit worn two ways by Pippa and morphed it to create this outfit.  I apologize for the lack of pictures/poor quality.  This is Boyfriend's first attempt at taking pictures.  I have a really sweet camera on my wishlist, but until then, I'm borrowing my mom's.  I gave him some rules and tips and he just rolled his eyes and went "yeah, yeah, I know".  I even told him and asked him if he had over ten - he had six and they were not cute.  This was his face when I tested the camera.  He does love me, I swear.


Wedding Style

It's wedding season and that means lots and lots of beautiful dresses, fresh flowers, fun pictures, and dancing the night away.  I love weddings but I tend to overthink what to wear to them.  Here are some wedding styles for any wedding you may attend this summer!

Outdoor weddings sure bring out my love for mint and girly looks.  Flats are a must for the grass and bling from head to toe spice up any casual summer frock.
Outdoor Wedding Style

For those who are less adventurous in braving the elements for their wedding day, indoor wedding style has it's perks!  My favorite?  Not needing to bring a cover up nor worrying about your heels sinking into the ground.
Indoor Wedding Style

Some weddings you could attend this season may be on the more conservative - whether a devout Catholic ceremony or Grandma's easily offended, you want to keep in accordance with the couple's wedding while still looking stylish and sexy (I'm talking to all of you single ladies, looking for a nice man ;) ).  Lace is the epitome of sexy (okay, maybe I'm a little too obsessed) but long sleeves and simple accessories like nude pumps and pearls keep Grandma happy.
Conservative Wedding Style

Attending a black tie wedding?  You can still look like a breath of fresh air in a long gown - Keep the dress simple with dainty details, minimal jewelry, and fun nails.
Formal Wedding Style


Honeymoon Blue

(Picture of Kate, Courtesy of people.com)

[Cardigan, Belt & Shoes (all old) - Target; Dress (old) - Zara (found at consignment shop); Ring - Kohl's; Bracelets - Gifts]

This is the outfit that started it all.  Up until Kate wore this outfit and I saw this picture, I had vowed to never own wedges.  A couple of weeks later, I found these black & cork wedges on sale for $10 at Target and I've been obsessed with them ever since.  I had been wearing a dress I found at The Loft for almost a year before one fateful day, when I found this exact Zara dress at my local high-end consignment store... for $36!  This whole outfit cost $71 - a perfect example of looking royal (even in the exact digs) for under $100.



I don't know when it was or where I was when I decided to start The Crown Bijoux... but I've been talking about it for over a year now.  Since before Kate Middleton donned an Alexander McQueen gown and walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey to become the Duchess of Cambridge, my mother was telling me how much Kate's style reminded her of something I would love.  No surprise there - I've been declaring I'd be a Brit some day for as long as I can remember.  My mom continued after Pippa's bum and Jenny Packham becoming a common name to compare our styles and desire their beautiful frocks.  And then fashion blogging opened my eyes.

I have my own style.  And I love fashion.  Unfortunately, I'm stuck in an anti-fashion world.  Seriously - every morning I wake up, pick out an outfit, and dial it back and I still seem too high fashion... I'm truly not.  I love the English.  And I love Kate & Pippa.  I love writing and bargain shopping and getting dressed up and just having fun!  All these things mixed with the need for something I'm passionate about have created The Crown Bijoux.

So thanks for stopping by & I hope to see you again :)