Honeymoon Blue

(Picture of Kate, Courtesy of people.com)

[Cardigan, Belt & Shoes (all old) - Target; Dress (old) - Zara (found at consignment shop); Ring - Kohl's; Bracelets - Gifts]

This is the outfit that started it all.  Up until Kate wore this outfit and I saw this picture, I had vowed to never own wedges.  A couple of weeks later, I found these black & cork wedges on sale for $10 at Target and I've been obsessed with them ever since.  I had been wearing a dress I found at The Loft for almost a year before one fateful day, when I found this exact Zara dress at my local high-end consignment store... for $36!  This whole outfit cost $71 - a perfect example of looking royal (even in the exact digs) for under $100.

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