Bachelor Recap & Other Things

| Bachelor Recap |

What the heeeeeeeccccckkkkk was up with this episode?

First: Love Guru.

I was so incredibly uncomfortable the whole time.  I'm loving Carly the more and more she's on the show so I felt AWFUL that she was forced to go on this incredibly awkward date.  I mean, aside from the awkwardness that had to have been there for Carly & Chris, I felt, as a viewer, that this was crossing a line and violating my personal space.  ABC - not well played.  I did feel really bad for Chris when he was opening up about his profession and how he wasn't expected to make much of his life.  Poor guy - that's awful!
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Group date -
Megan........ I'm sure you're a very nice girl and I'm sorry about your dad but SERIOUSLY.  Have a brain.  She didn't understand the concept of "New Mexico".  Is it Mexico?  Is it America?  Is it a country?  Is it a state?  I don't know what's going on up there, but she should really run her thoughts by someone before going on television.

Also, Jade has a condition where she can get hypothermia easier than the average person?  I find that interesting since usually you would wear a lot of clothes if you had something like that, but she's posing nude for Playboy so....

Oh.  Burn.

And did anyone else think at the cocktail party that 1) Jordan was a lot prettier than I remembered and 2) aside from her annoying voice, Whitney is actually pretty awesome.

I wonder what Ashley I. thinks about herself now that she's watching this air live and all of America thinks she's awful.  Literally.  Maybe it was just a ploy to get on television so if that's the case, applause.
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Britt -

I'm so confused by her.  How is it that she's waking up and rushing out of the hotel wearing dirty socks and she looks like that.  I don't believe it.  Also... she has really nice skin, so if she sleeps in her makeup, either she has the best genes ever or that whole not sleeping in your makeup thing is a LIE!

And finally... what we're all waiting on:


WHAT A CRAZY WOMAN!  As a guidance counselor, she has just solidified herself never getting a job again in America if they ever decide to look her up.  I wouldn't be surprised if someone decided to look into her husband's death as a homicide.  JUSSSSTTTT SAYING.  And her breakdown?  Give that girl an Oscar.
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| Vanity Fair |

I love reading Vanity Fair.  I like to call it intelligent celebrity gossip.  I think what I like about it most is I learn a lot about the "upper-class elite" that I never knew about.  Sometimes it's awful, but knowledge is still power, and I love learning about the world I live in - good or bad.  Do you have a magazine or online publication that you can't get enough of?
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| Shopping Dry Spell |

I'm giving up shopping for Lent (I know - cheese in February, shopping for Lent... who am I?!) so I went shopping this past weekend to get it out of my system and update my wardrobe before spring since I won't be able to shop again until April 5th.  I'll discuss all of the details in a later post... but I was surprised at how little I actually liked.  I felt like I couldn't find as much as I wanted.  What is this - a dry spell?!  I'm afraid that I'll want tons of things in the middle of the shopping break.

| Blogger Spotlight |

The Boston Fashionista has done a ton of posts on women in business lately and I've really enjoyed the spin that she's added to her blog.  Since blogging isn't my first job, it's really helpful to hear from other women out in the business world how they live their lives.  Great inspiration!

| Barcart Obsessions |

I've been wanting a barcart since before Christmas and I just can't find one that I'm willing to make a part of the family.  Look at these beauties!


My Go-To Shirt (3)

| Glasses - Warby Parker | Similar | Earrings - Kate Spade | Similar | Shirt - Express | Similar | Sweater & Booties - Target | Similar Sweater | Similar Booties | Skirt - Loft | Similar | Bracelet - Forever 21 | Similar |

Do you live on the East Coast?  If so, you understand what it's like to see the snow everywhere.  I woke up Monday morning to this and the last thing I wanted to do was get dressed for the office.  What did that call for?  MY GO-TO SHIRT.  Yes ladies and one or two gentlemen, the go-to shirt was grabbed in real life.

I would normally wear different shoes, but the snow demanded otherwise.  Are you enjoying this weather?