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| Bachelor Recap |

If I was the head of a psychiatric hospital, I would contact the producers of The Bachelor and come up with a plan that when you leave, you aren't sent home, but to my hospital.  Seriously.  I have found the crazies of America.  So let's recap:


I HAD SUCH HIGH HOPES FOR KELSEY.  Ugh.  When I heard her laugh that one time, I was a little scared.  But I thought, we all have our flaws, don't focus on this.  But she acted like a spoiled brat.  And I'm sorry, I love the Midwest and Chicago, and think Lake Michigan is awesome, too.  But if you're going to be all bratty about lakes I just want to remind you that us coastal people have OCEANS, and those are so much better than a lake - great or not.  JUSSSSTTTT saying.
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Also, let's discuss Ashley I. and her obsession with her virginity.  Seriously.  I'm convinced she's not and this is all a ruse.  I want some guy to come forward and debunk her claims!  MAD props to Becca (who is my favorite contestant - not necessarily for the winner, but I love her as a person) for admitting that she was too, and that she isn't making a big deal out of it!  LOVE HER.  

Princess Date:

I loved this date.  I loved how sweet Jade was and how cute they were together.  She's lived in Nebraska, too, so she understands the Midwest.  I loved how upset Ashley I. was that she was going.  I just loved this... and then...

Jason Biggs found pictures of sweet innocent Jade posing nude for Playboy.


So disappointed.

Mud Race:

Do you think they purposefully sent Jillian on this date because they knew she would win and it would force him to see how awful she was?  Yes?  Because I do.  +5 points to Carly for being hilarious.  I feel like her and I would have a lot of fun together.  

Jillian on the other hand was a train wreck.  I really appreciated Chris's jokes "She starts talking and all of a sudden I think of unicorns and rainbows..."  Don't cry Jillian about "not being vulnerable".  You put yourself on a pedestal, you were incredibly harsh to a lot of the girls in the house the minute you got out of the limo, and wore more makeup than I own.  MOVE ON.
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But the real story here is the departure of Ashley S.  Let us morn my FAVORITE contestant of all time.  I LOVE HER.  Her exit was absolutely perfect.

I feel........................................................ NOTHING.

Ashley S. please find me and be my best friend.  You are hilarious.  My new thoughts on her are she did all of this as a ruse.  She wanted ample tv time to show she can act crazy, because really she's making fun of everyone.  Yep.  That's what I'm going with.

Seriously girl, call me.

Is everyone else excited to see Kelsey's melt down next episode?

ALSO!  If you want to take a fun quiz, Chris partnered with ProFlowers on a compatibility quiz - I failed (no shock) but you may not!  Find it here

| Shonda Thursday | 

Did you miss Grey's / Scandal / How to Get Away with Murder this week??  I'm not a big fan of Grey's (I stopped long before most people) but the other two are SO good.  I felt SO exhausted after Scandal.  Theories on who has Olivia?  Even more exciting, Shonda is in the works of creating a new show regarding a female forensic scientist.  But there's a part of me that thinks she may be pushing her luck...

| Fromage-less February | 

I'm giving up cheese in February.  I feel like I eat way too much cheese - I look at it as a condiment or spice... like ketchup or pepper.  Yep.  It's going to be quite the test, but I think it's my downfall and I want to see if I A) lose weight giving it up and B) feel better.  I don't look at this like "gluten-free"... I just feel like everything should be consumed in moderation.  And cheese, yeah, I don't consume that in moderation.  
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| Ju-NO | 

Juno was an utter disappointment if you lived on the Northeast coast and not New England.  I'm going to say it now that it's almost February, SNOW already.  Like really snow.  Make it impossible for us to work for like 2 days and then move on.  Let us live our lives!  I'm sorry I keep complaining about all of this but really.  It's tiring.

| Super Bowl | 

I am excited for the Super Bowl tomorrow because, who doesn't love a little friendly competition??  In some ways, this is a fun year because I could care less about who wins, so it can be fun.  Katy Perry has been very funny, and I'm sure she'll put on a decent show.  And who doesn't love the commercials?!  I will say, I'm a little disappointed so many are leaking before.  What happened to the days where this whole thing was a spectacle?  Regardless, I'm ready for some FOOTBALL!  Who are you rooting for???

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  1. I don't watch the bachelor but it is fun to read your review:) I have to give up something to get back to shape but I am afraid for me it is not just cheese, haha, a lot of other things too:) oh well after this weekend.