| Glasses - Warby Parker | Similar | Shirt & Belt - Consignment Shop | Similar Shirt | Similar Belt | Jeans - American Eagle | Similar | Shoes - Bass | Similar | Watch - Michael Kors | Similar | Ring - 310 Rosemont | Similar

This is the most comfy outfit for a day full of errands with the boy.  We started our day bright and early heading to a delicious brunch joint in town (we love brunch, because we're basic, so we are trying out all the lovely places).  We then went to so many stores and did some many errands, I was glad I was comfy.  It was boyfriend's first time at DSW and he was as happy as a clam.  I love when I show him my "secret" places that turn into his shopping heaven.

Also, this ring is one I wear ALL THE TIME.  I love it.  It was a graduation gift to myself.  In college, we had various vendors come to the school and one of them always had gorgeous jewelry and this piece caught my eye time and again.  I thought what the hell, spent the $60, and have not regretted it.  It's so unique & pretty!


Early Halloween

My favorite television show of all time is Gilmore Girls.  During their 100th episode, Emily Gilmore, the grandmother who is impossible to please, tells her daughter Lorelai that it's very important to find a man who has excellent taste in jewelry.  Well, I've never made that a large part of my criteria, but it is pretty nice.  Boyfriend tends to get me an item or two each Christmas and Birthday for me, and this necklace was one of them.  Not only do I love it, but it's something that I probably wouldn't have picked for myself.  But I love that he looks at pieces and thinks of me, and that's the best part of all.

Also - the wrap dress is my favorite thing, ever.  Like, no lie, I love it.  This one is actually a faux wrap, but it is so chic, so comfortable, and just a great classic piece.  Thank you, Diane Von Furstenberg.  I will always be indebted to you and your fashion creations.


Dotted Twice

| Jacket & Bag - Target | Similar Jacket | Similar Bag | Sunnies - RayBans | Similar | Dress - Forever 21 | Similar | Reef Flip Flops - DSW | Similar |

This dress is incredibly out of my comfort zone aside from the polka dots.  But I'm definitely glad I made the purchase.  It is so light and airy, fits like a charm, and makes me look all nice and dressy when I'm just running errands.  It's hard to feel gross and sweaty in this airy outfit.  I'm just a little sad to put it away for the fall.


Office Toga Party

| Dress - ModCloth | Similar | Shoes - TJMaxx | Similar |

When I saw this dress on ModCloth's website, I knew it was perfect for my work life.  I love dresses that drape like togas, the whole Grecian look, but that's not always the best dress to wear at the work place.  This takes the scandal away while still giving me the look I love.  Plus it's super comfy.


Pep-y Business

| Jacket & Shoes - H&M | Similar Jacket | Similar Shoes | Skirt - The Limited | Similar Skirt | Tank Top & Necklace - Target | Similar Tank Top | Similar Necklace | Other Jewelry - Gifts | 

I love this jacket - it's warm and fits well, so I don't have to think much about what I wear underneath.  And I love that it does all the talking.  No worry business professional.  Which worked out well, since I didn't put too much effort into this outfit and ended up going to a talk with the First Lady of Pennsylvania.  NBD.  


Fab Find September!

A quick "run" to the mall to go to one store with the boyfriend turned into a three-hour trip.  He had to stop in to Abercrombie to see if maybe, MAYBE they stopped selling skinny jeans (they have not).  Of course, that's when I saw this beauty.

I must have her.  Of course, I wasn't really in the market to just drop $98 on a jacket seeing as I hadn't planned to even go to the mall in the first place... 

So I now will lust and long for a couple of weeks until I break down.


The Dress You Should Have Seen Months Ago

I got this dress months and months ago and yet here I am... showing it to you now.  I know.  I'm awful.  The texture is almost like a burlap and there are very tiny flecks of gold thread woven in giving it a tiny shimmer.  It's love.  I feel crazy professional in it which makes it like a power dress.  What's not to love?

Also: I finally got black suede pumps like Princess Kate, and I must say, I know exactly why they're a go-to.


Closet Organization 101: Clothes & Pinterest

I love organizing.  I like to organize my home room by room and then start all over again because I just love organizing.  I love it so much that it has become a large part of my job (and no I am not the delusional dater poster child, Ashlee Frazier, "Professional Organizer").

I happen to love MANY types of clothing.  Yet there I go, out shopping, and oh, what's that?  Another navy top and black dress?  We're shocked.  Over time, I started realizing that while I had a good amount of clothing, I didn't really know what I owned and didn't realize how many outfits I could make from items in my own closet.

So I decided to take an inventory.  Think Cher in Clueless.  I went through every item of clothing, decided if I really wanted it, and then wrote it down.  I've even organized my list by type: tops, sweaters, athletic wear, dresses, skirts, etc.  I then went through my Pinterest board and looked at how many outfits I could make with what was in my closet.  I also noted which outfits I could make if I had a certain item and added that to a wishlist.  I also looked to see what was a reoccurring theme to my favorite outfits, and added them to the wishlist.  Now when I go out shopping, I know what I need and what I don't and I'm not as drawn to my staples.  I'm on a mission.

Are you like me and tend to stick in your comfort zone?  Do you wish you dressed like your clothing Pinterest board?

Need some outfit inspiration?  Check out my clothing Pinterest Board here


Dotted Once

| Dress & Bag - H&M | Similar Dress | Similar Bag | Shoes - Old Navy | Similar |  

I live within 20 minutes of an H&M.  This is so dangerous.  Before the move I was an hour and a half a way.  That was some serious driving and dedication to get to my Mecca.  No it's like NBD, I'll just run to H&M, do a quick run through a voila.  My bank account is screwed.

The first trip to my new H&M I purchased this dress and bag (as well as a pair of shorts & a jacket) and I'm so glad I did.  This bag carries everything I could ever need but looks super chic and much higher end ("Sarah where did you get that bag?" "H&M" "SHUT UP.").  The dress is light and airy but looks nice and polished.  It's perfect for a walk in Central Park (that actually happened) and a day at the office without feeling too stuffy.  

Also I may or may not have a thing for navy polka dot dresses.


Boardwalk Empire

| Shirt - Ruche | Head Piece & Mint Shoes - Bhldn | Hat - Free People | Nude Flapper Dress - ShopBop | Black & Gold Flapper Dress - ModCloth | Fake Fur Cape - Monsoon | Beaded Clutch - Cusp | Blue Shoes - Anthropologie |

I've been an avid viewer of Boardwalk Empire for so many reasons, the biggest being my love for the 1920s.  Now that the show is starting it's last season, I just want to look like a flapper all day, every day.  Maybe I should throw a 20's themed party for the last episode... minus it being on Sunday nights and I'm a lame and boring person who is in bed by 9...


21st Century Betsy Ross

| Shirt - Old Navy | Similar | Necklace - Lou Lou's | Similar | Watch - Michael Kors | Similar | Skirt - The Limited | Similar | Shoes - TJMaxx | Similar |

I don't know why I loved this skirt when I found it, but I would put bets on because it's red, white, and blue.  Patriotic and my favorite color combo?  Done.  It's like, running for office?  Sign me up to be your companion because I'm looking the part, yo!  It also makes the white button down a LOT more fun.

However, the paneling on the side really accentuates my stomach... so I kinda look preggers (nooooooo I'm not, don't even try to start that rumor!)


How to Shop: Consignment

In part with my finance series, I'm also going to talk about how I shop at different types of stores.  Shopping is not fun to many people - many of them, women I'm related to.  Yep, the apple fell from an orange tree here.  Since I have been spending a lifetime trying to get anti-shoppers to see that it's not a day wasted, I thought I would help those wanna-be shoppers and maybe shopping lovers see how I wade through the fashion world.

My first attack: Consignment!  How do you shop at a store where they get clothing that was purchased a while ago and potentially worn by someone else?  Well first ask yourself two questions.

1. Do you have more than an hour to dedicate to one store?
2. Are you trying to save money but need to update your wardrobe?

Then keep reading - you will be able to shop consignment!

First, you need to know that this takes time.  These stores are a one of a kind place.  It's almost like trying to find a husband at a state university.  There are so many guys, some attractive, some not so much but you still are intrigued and then after a while, you're like... "They all are the same!  I can't choose!"

Yes ladies, you will find a mate.

Start at the size you normally wear (I'm in between a small and a medium, and when shopping at consignment I start at medium because when people wash clothes they tend to get smaller) and look through every single item.  Did you pull out a couple of items?  No?  GO BACK.  Consignment is a great place to buy something you will only wear a handful of times.  Not everything is going to fit right either.  Be patient and do not blame your body.  If something doesn't fit right, it's probably the shirt (remember, someone didn't want to wear it anymore, and it's probably because it fit the same way).

If you go through every single item you may find gems like these:

I got the infamous Zara dress that KATE MIDDLETON OWNED - YES, THE EXACT STYLE & MAKE - at a consignment shop for $30.  It retails for $90.  I wear this dress to work often - it's a little larger than I normally would wear, but I belt it, like Kate, and add a cardigan or blazer to hide the extra fabric on the sides.  Have I worn this more than a dress I paid twice for?  Definitely.

I also got these three pairs of J.Crew Shorts (sorry, they're wrinkled, I haven't worn shorts in a while - thanks cold summer) for $10 each at a consignment store.  Retail price?  $40.  Read: I saved $90.  Yeah, they aren't brand new.  But I wear them as often as I would if they were.

Which leads me to the next point: quality.  Some things you find may not be in stellar quality.  Ask yourself if it's worth it.  Is something worn almost to the point of gaining an extra hole?  Is it a dollar?  Yeah, you can probably get away with it.  Does it seem like something that you have in your closet and still wear?  Then add it!

Sometimes, you can find gems that are brand new, like this dress I found on a recent trip


Original retail price? $94 - Current: $15

Is it worth it?  Heck yeah!  Would I have paid $94 for it, no way...  but I'm definitely going to wear it 15+ times (and I look at clothing as a dollar per wear) Consignment is where you can get stuff like that.  

Also, remember that this is a great place to find designer duds for less.  While you can purchase Michael Kors at a Michael Kors store or a TJMaxx, you will still spend more than $30.  Guaranteed.  However, if you take the time and look, you may find this gem:

Michael Kors skirt for $7.52.

And I can assure you, Michael would be thrilled!  So here are my quick and fast tips:

1. Take your time
2. Pick out a lot of stuff - don't think, just grab
3. Try on everything and don't get discouraged
4. If you do get discouraged, remember there is a reason why it's at the store
5. Check out the quality
6. Decide if the price is worth it - are you going to wear it that many times?  Is that an appropriate price?
7. Realize that everyone gets lucky once in a while and you just got a great deal - schwing!


Full of Pep

This is my go to going out AND work outfit.  I wear the flats and go simple on the jewelry (as in none) during the day, then add heels and a fun necklace for night.  It's wonderful!  I feel like maybe I'm a little late on the peplum trend, but I'm fully embracing it.  Kind of like my natural ombre look... these pictures are making me quite excited that I have my touch-up scheduled! (And yes, I will admit I highlight my hair - I guarantee most girls do so I might as well embrace it!)


Mid-Month Deals!

Mid-Month Deals!  All of these items are on sale now!  I'm loving that bathing suit, and it's a great time to buy them (and VS Bathing Suits are amazing).  Enjoy!


For the Love of Kate (Spade)

| Dress - Kate Spade | Similar | Similar Pashmina | Audrey Brooke Shoes - DSW | Similar

Boyfriend & I attended the most gorgeous wedding with this view.  It was beautiful.  The night was about 60 degrees, too, so everyone was cool, comfortable, and just enjoying a wonderful night in the city.  Seriously amazing.

The dress itself was kind of a fairytale.  While enjoying our new town, Boyfriend & I stopped into a nice upscale boutique - TMB.  They were happening to have a 70% off sale (as luck would have it) and I was drawn to this dress and the jewels on it.  I made a crazy decision to try it on - it was the only one left and it looked to be around my size.  It fit like a glove.  It was meant to be!  The LAST ONE on a 70% off sale in MY size?  WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?

This dress is staying with me forever.  I love it too much.  So naturally it had to accompany me to a wedding in Midtown Manhattan.  And that's what I call a tale of two love stories. 


Fall Must-Haves

Now that I've gone over one specific fall must-have (riding boots), here are the other things I'm craving this fall:

| Top Left - Elephant Sweater - Forever21 | Bottom Left - Pale Pink Cableknit Sweater - NastyGal | Top Right - White Criss-Cross Top - Revolve | Bottom Right - Sweatshirt - J.Crew Factory

| Top Left - Leather Pencil Skirt - Loft | Bottom Left - River Island Jeans - Asos | Top Right - Denim Pleated Mini - Ralph Lauren | Bottom Right - Black Skinny Jeans - Gap

| Top Left - Denim Anorak - LuLu*s | Bottom Left - Faux Leather Vest - TopShop | Top Right - Cotton Coat - Tory Burch | Bottom Right - Tribal Cropped Jacket - Charming Charlie |

| Top Left - Cheetah Print Pumps - J.Crew | Bottom Left - Kate Spade Watch - ShopBop | Top Right - Prada Bag - BlueFly | Bottom Right - Gold Leaf Earrings - Net-a-Porter

I'm sorry credit card.  I know you thought you might get a break before Christmas... but...