Early Halloween

My favorite television show of all time is Gilmore Girls.  During their 100th episode, Emily Gilmore, the grandmother who is impossible to please, tells her daughter Lorelai that it's very important to find a man who has excellent taste in jewelry.  Well, I've never made that a large part of my criteria, but it is pretty nice.  Boyfriend tends to get me an item or two each Christmas and Birthday for me, and this necklace was one of them.  Not only do I love it, but it's something that I probably wouldn't have picked for myself.  But I love that he looks at pieces and thinks of me, and that's the best part of all.

Also - the wrap dress is my favorite thing, ever.  Like, no lie, I love it.  This one is actually a faux wrap, but it is so chic, so comfortable, and just a great classic piece.  Thank you, Diane Von Furstenberg.  I will always be indebted to you and your fashion creations.

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