Hand Me Downs

| Dress, Necklace & Booties - Target | Similar Dress | Similar Necklace | Similar Booties | Sweater - Banana Republic | Similar

Let me start by saying, I wanted to wear this outfit with black knee-high boots.

I don't have black knee-high boots and this outfit is mocking me. 

But alas, I'm trying to make a point here.  One of my favorite people in the world decided to go through her closet and give me some of her clothes.  Now, she's a naturally generous person, but I don't know how someone can give away clothes - except I kind of can.  You know that shirt that you purchased on a whim and were like "no way, I'm not trying just this shirt on... it'll fit" and then it didn't?  Yeah, you don't wear it... what are you going to do with it?  You have some options:

A) Keep it and never wear it.  Hi, Hoarders is calling.

B) Consign it... except you've already tried that and it didn't sell within the 9 week time-frame.

C) Donate to Goodwill - Great cause!  Total option... but...

What if your friend wants it?

I'm not saying don't give to Goodwill (or your other local charity thrift store).  I make a point to give up clothing at least twice a year (sometimes more) because I'm SO super fortunate, and I need to give up some of my material possessions for the greater good.

But... to save money and kick that "must go shopping" habit for a couple of weeks, have a clothing swap!  My dear friend gave me this AWESOME wool sweater - BRAND NEW and I love it.

I'm usually freezing at work - not today!

Get over the stigma of hand me downs.  They're fabulous.  And sometimes, you may try something you normally wouldn't but continue to try because you just love that friend.  I know this because this said friend loves jewel tones (I'm afraid of them) and she gave me a couple jewel toned shirts.  Every time I wear them, I think about her and it makes me happy because I live an hour and a half away from her and don't see her often.  It's like a token of friendship right there.

Hand me downs are great.

In other news:



Just Call Me Martha

I decided to make my house a little more homey and took on the task of making a homemade wreath.  I got the idea from Pinterest and it didn't turn out all that bad if I say so myself.  

You'll need a small wire wreath skeleton, 6 fake hydrangeas (2 colors, 3 in each colors) green wire, scissors, wire cutters, ribbon, and glue gun/glue.

You can also use the leaves from the fake flowers to fill in the holes between the flowers.  They're pretty easy to pull off by hand

You'll want to cut the flowers with the stem about right here on the flower, below the base.

Wrap the flowers with wire to the wreath skeleton - alternate colors.

After wrapping all of the flowers and leaves around, find an opening section where you want your ribbon. Cut the ribbon long enough for you to tie in a bow and hang (you can always trim the edges if there is too much later).  Wrap around the skeleton and hot glue.together like so.

Hang a 3M hang and tie around.



White after Labor Day

| Glasses - Warby Parker | Similar | Sweater - Old Navy | Similar | Jeans - Loft | Similar | Shoes - Target | Similar

I'm here to prove that you can wear white after Labor Day.  I got a couple of looks from people when I went out for lunch, but I could care less.  All of the dark colors are depressing!  One of my favorite bloggers, Helena from Brooklyn Blonde, wears Olivia-Pope like colors in the winter and is the queen of "winter white".  

Many girls are all about switching out wardrobes between seasons, but I like to learn how to wear my clothes year round.  Maybe these huge sweaters are only seasonal, but pairing them with my summer jeans and flats bring it year-round.  

Do you have clothes that your wear "out of season"?


The Easiest Craft Ever

Want an easy craft to brighten your home?  I found these kickin' prints on Etsy.  Dark Island City has some awesome prints of cities on maps & dictionaries and these lovelies are $10 each!  I just love them.  I thought about going international, but I decided to stick continental since we already have tons of Paris & London items in the home.  They're different, I love supporting "small businesses" (or etsy crafters), and sometimes I want something you can't get at Target (not that I am hatin' or anything).

The easiest craft part?  Since they're 8 1/2 x 11, they don't fit the normal frame size (8 x 10).  Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and other craft stores sell all sorts of canvas sizes, particularly 9 x 12.  Add some mod podge and a brush and you have all you need!

I start with putting a little mod podge on the canvas and place the print.

I then cover the print so it sticks on the canvas and it gives it a little sheen.

Ta-Da!  Now I have a lined staircase!



| Jacket - Old Navy | Similar | Headband - J.Crew Factory | Similar | Sweater - Forever 21 | Similar | Chambray Top, Jeans, & Booties - Target | Similar Top | Similar Jeans | Similar Booties

I've been wanting to copy this outfit for a while and when I saw this coat I knew I was ready.  Camel is huge in the fall and I love it.  For some reason it seems so clean and chic to me.  It's warm (unless you plan to wear it during a winter like last) and not too fancy.  It's the Goldilocks of coats.  

Do you have outfits you see on Pinterest that you like to copy?


Mid-Month Deals

| Coat - TJMaxx

I recently purchased three winter coats - yes, three - and two out of the three were from TJMaxx.  First, let me say, that I've only had heavy fall coats masked as winter coats and after the Snowpocolypse last winter, I am SO not making that mistake again.  I was in the market for a puff jacket that covered my bum and had a hood, and a nice winter coat (I had passed on a Michael Kors burgundy number with black leather sleeves and wanted something similar).  I found a Michael Kors navy jacket with a belt and a hood with fur lining for $120 (the North Face ones tend to be $180 more) and a Marc New York Marc Jacobs Black coat with leather around the elbows and an asymmetrical zipper.  I'm in love!  Of course, I found a camel peacoat at Old Navy and was suckered in.

But this long monologue is to point out that there are some AWESOME coats for sale at TJMaxx - high quality, very in style, and relatively inexpensive.  And what's even better?  You can now go to TJMaxx in the comfort of your own home!  Obviously, you won't be able to find those unique one-of-a-kind pieces that just happen to pop up in the shop, but they have a great selection.  Check it out :)


Fall is here

| Glasses - Warby Parker | Similar | Button Down - Gap | Similar | Sweater - Old Navy | Similar | Skirt - Clothes Vine Boutique | Similar | Bracelet & Booties - Target | Similar Bracelet | Similar Booties

I'm so excited about this skirt and sweater.  Both have been on my list for a while.  The skirt has this awesome and sexy zipper in the back and I love it!  Plus, a good cableknit was on my list for this year and I found it!  It has a slight turtleneck but you can turn it down (for what? haha) and I like the butt flap.  I haven't purchased new jeans that fit yet, so I plumber-butt often - this will be nice to have meanwhile...

In other news, have you ever had a cold that went away...... exccceeepppttt you're still kind of coughing and blowing your nose more often than normal?  Yeah, I'm there.  So annoying!  I guess that was fall's welcome to me!


Mid-Month Deals

Miss the Columbus Day sales?  Miss the huge ShopBop Friends & Family Sale?  Never fear!  There are deals still abounding!  Gap, Loft & ASOS all have up to 50% off sales going on... and some of these deals are awesome!  That leather skirt is ADORABLE and those jeans that I got for 60% off from the Loft... yeah they're now 75% off... lucky jerks ;)



This outfit is super comfy, even if it looks badass.  The shirt is soft, the jeans are more like leggings, and the booties are well-padded and tend to be warm and easy to walk in.  The jacket isn't stiff either so I was super happy the day I wore this to work (one of seven people in the office - womp).

Since I stare at spreadsheets on the regular - about 7 of my 8 hours - I prefer wearing my specs for my poor eyes.  A lot of my outfits don't look wonderful with them (just the color and style) but this one fits the bill.

I feel like I should be on Sons of Anarchy.  I say this with absolutely no prior knowledge aside for finding Charlie Hunnam delectable.  And scene.


Trick or Treat

It's coming up!  Halloween!  Even if you're too old for trick or treating (and to be honest, I guess if you are reading thing, you are... which makes me really sad for all of us) you can still partake in the awesomeness that is dressing up.  I really like theme parties and don't have enough of them.  And I also appreciate a reason to celebrate.  So get that fancy dress on, and eat some candy while you're at it!

Pinterest Board | I did this one year which was great until people started coming up to me saying I had things on my shirt....

Coppertone Baby | My best friend did this with blue shorts and looked absolutely adorable

Wilson from Home Improvement | Do you remember this show?  Hey, blast from the past!  If you need an outfit in a pinch and don't want to be yet another cat (which is cute, don't get me wrong, but you run the risk of not being the only cat around), this is perfect!

Jellyfish | This may or may not be my choice this year.  Not only do I get excited over jellies but I appreciate any and all comfy options for Halloween.  One year, when it was extra cold, I seriously contemplated being a grizzly bear so I could wear a fur coat...

Pinata | This is one of the non-skanky, but still really pretty and adorable outfits out there.  I love the color!  Maybe a little time consuming, but what's a girl to do when being forced to watch football, I mean amiright?



| Shirt - Old Navy | Similar | Sweater - Target | Similar | Necklace - Charming Charlie's | Similar | Pants - The Loft | Similar | Shoes - DSW | Similar

I told you I was ready and willing to accept fall.  Well, I am... but can I continue to wear bright colors, please?  When I saw this sweater at Target, I knew I had to have it - that color is a color of fall!  I love the brightness of it and I love my other sweaters like this.  Unlike many items I buy from Target (cardigans, for example) they stay soft after multiple washes.  I love them.  They're comfy & don't break the bank and are awesome for layering.  Point - buy one now.  You won't regret it!


Elements of Style: Kerry Washington

I've proclaimed my love for Olivia Pope in Scandal, but the woman behind the goddess ain't too shabby herself.  Kerry Washington channels many elements of Olivia's style - pale romantic colors, crisp fabrics, gorgeous cuts - this girls got it going on.

All 6 dresses are one primary color with very delicate and perfect accents like the blue gems on the second dress to the floral pattern at the bottom of the sixth one.  She looks gorgeous in pale colors with romantic accents like the one of the top right and the one on the bottom left.  The red leather dress is something I'm going to covet forever and the first dress is jaw-dropping.

Kerry Washington is seriously having a moment.


Lacey Business

Lace shorts were on my list of must-haves this summer and I was no disappointed.  This was the comfiest party outfit I've had for years.  The shorts and shirt were like PJs!  Definitely chic.  Super cute.  Happiest girl in town.  They look great with a chambray shirt and booties too.  The possibilities were endless.  

Not sure if they will be so cute in winter with tights, but it's worth a go.  Especially since I feel like 2+ months just wasn't enough time with them!


Bathroom Remodel

As many of you know, I recently moved.  Before, I shared a very, very, very tiny bathroom with my roommate and couldn't really keep anything in there aside from my shower things.  Growing up, I shared a bathroom with my brother and when I went to college, I either had a dorm bathroom or shared a bathroom with more than one roommate.  Since I was used to sharing a bathroom, I would always be one of the first to bow out on getting ready in there.  When I moved and realized I got my own bathroom, I was so excited to finally be a real girl and have a place to put on my face and get my hair all purty.  However, I'm renting and I had limited capability.  So here's a little remodel of a bathroom to make it my own.

| Before |

Notice that I basically have a shower, a cupboard under the sink, the sink top, and toilet.  Not exactly glamorous and definitely not roomie enough for all my stuff (womp).

| After |

I had the best boyfriend ever (his words at request) put up shelves to hold some of my beauty items in a more attractive way.  I purchased the mason jar soap dispenser (so cute) from an online boutique and the stacking jars with the cotton balls, q-tips, and floss pics from Anthropologie.  I dream about gorgeous bathrooms and think these will look great in them when I have my perfect bathroom.

Home Goods is an excellent place to find wall art, and when I saw this starfish and sea disc shadow wall art, I knew it was everything I wanted.  Not only did it fit into my already purchased color scheme but I love ocean stuff and felt that my bathroom was the only place I could get away with an ocean themed room.  Even though I live in Amish County, I still love my roots from the Eastern Shore (Delaware).

My favorite purchase was the holder I found at TJMaxx for my makeup and brushes.  Even though I have storage in wooden and plastic bins under my sink, there just wasn't enough room.  This holder for a desk was the perfect fit.  I love it!  

Do you love decorating?  Do you have creative ways to maximize your space where you live?


Goodbye Pastels

| Dress & Blazer - The Limited | Similar Dress | Similar Blazer | Necklace & Earrings - Kate Spade | Similar Necklace | Similar Earrings | Shoes - Target | Similar

I've hit it.  I've finally reached acceptance with the impending fall season.  But with this acceptance, I had to wear my favorite summer work outfit one last time.  This navy dress is a glove.  The pastel green blazer is so fun, and I love wearing this pink necklace always (boyfriend choice again).

While I'm excited for fall boots, big sweaters, hot chais, and football, I'm sad that this blazer will go back into my closet until I'm 26.  UGH.  Now I'm depressed.