Year in Review

It's been a very eventful year for TCB & me.  I feel like I've overhauled my wardrobe.  Lost 10 more pounds.  Moved to Amish country and made the live-in boyfriend official.  We both got our realistic dream jobs (I mean, let's not get TOO ahead of ourselves).  Friends have married & are having children.  I visited 5 of the top 25 largest cities in the US in less than a month, and I'm ready for more exciting adventures and experiences in 2015.

But most importantly, I met more of you - my readers!  It's been so amazing the people I have grown to know on TCB.  I love each and every one of you and am SO thankful that you continue to stop by.  I hope to see you in 2015 - it's going to be another fun year!

xoxo Sarah :)


Eggplant Farm

| Top - Ann Taylor | Similar | Skirt & Headband - J.Crew Factory | Similar Skirt | Similar Headband | Boots - DSW | Similar |

I'm slowly returning, lovelies!  I've had a wonderful holiday spending time with family and friends from near and far.  This is what I wore at my family's farm for Christmas.  Did any of you expect me to have grown up on a farm???  Ha! Believe it or not - this girly girl used to romp around the horses and cows in her frilly dresses.

I tell my parents though that their home is where nice shoes go to die.

Another fun part of this outfit?  I hate the color purple (don't hate me - I don't know why I just don't!) but I love this shirt!  The color is very pretty, the rhinestones are super fun, and I love the tiny tie in the back.  So fun and festive.

Did you all have a lovely holiday season??


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

| Picture |

Happy Holidays, everyone!  I'm on the family whirlwind tour - starting in the East of the state with my one side of the family traveling west to spend time with my family & farther to see boyfriend's fam.  Then it's his birthday!  Poor guy with a Christmas-time birthday.  But I love all of the time spent with loved ones.  

What are your favorite holiday traditions?  Did you get any fun gifts this year?  I can't wait to find out what I got (c'monnnn Tory Burch Reva flats).


Mid-Month Deals: New Year's Eve Edition

| Top Left to Right - ModCloth, H&M, Urban Outfitters | Bottom Left to Right - Piperlime, Forever 21, Lulu's

Let's skip Christmas - NEW YEARS!  Do you have your New Year's Eve outfit yet?  I think I'm going to wear my Halloween dress (I went as a flapper - it's white with gold sequins... you'll see!).  But if you haven't purchased a dress yet, and are still looking at your wallet going, "Where did all my money go?", here are some great options!  That middle black lace dress is only $15!  And the green lace one is $16!  Oh and the red one is only $20... I can't believe these deals - what steals!

Who said ringing in the new year couldn't be done on a budget!


Leather & Wool & Suede, Oh My!

| Dress - Zara | Similar | Cardigan - Target | Similar | Shoes - DSW | Similar | Watch - Michael Kors | Similar | Bracelet - J.Crew Factory | Similar | Necklace - Borrowed from Friend | Similar

I went up to Manhattan this weekend for work and knew this dress had to make the trek.  I love the leather and wool - so warm and perfect for the season.  Normally I would have worn different shoes, but since I would be working and on my feet for our event all day, I thought stability and comfort were better.

I LOVE being in the city, and I'm sad it was for such a short while.  I've been to New York over a dozen times (it's about 3.5 hours away) but I could do weeks and weeks there.  There is so much history, I feel like I'm on an episode of Friends and I always have great stories.  Maybe one day I'll live up there - but for now, I'll pretend I'm Blair Waldorf on the weekends, and live amongst the Amish on weekdays.

Do you have a favorite city?  Do you love New York?  Do you try and pick out fun outfits when you go in to the city, like me?


Give Back

I'm a shopaholic.  I think that's pretty clear.  But during this hyper-shopping season, sometimes it's nice to spend money on someone besides myself and my loved ones.  I make a point each month to give to a different charity or organization for whatever reason.  It's usually just $25.  If I can afford a Michael Kors watch or Tory Burch flats (both retailing less than $300, the total amount I give a year), I can give that same amount away to someone who deserves it.

Many people, including myself, donate to the BIG FOUNDATION (see American Cancer Society, Make a Wish, ASPCA, etc.) when donating.  But here are 5 groups/people who could use some support.

A Week Away is not only a local charity for me, but one that has been shaken very recently.  The founder, who started the charity after being diagnosed with a terminal cancer, passed away a week ago.  He started the charity to give terminal cancer patients and their families a week away from the troubling doctors visits and treatment, to spend time with their loved ones and just enjoy life.

Did you go on an alternative spring break in college?  If so, you most likely went with Break Away!  Break Away pushes college students to become active citizens in their universe.  This one is close to me due to one of my oldest and closest friends working in their headquarters.  This group has given her so much in life and it's been amazing to see her grow and become such an amazing leader.  This group is great at training college students to become amazing global citizens.

One of my friends from college is writing a book!  She has become a health and wellness coach and is writing a book on healthy living (mind, body, and soul).  She is one of the most positive and uplifting people I have met, and has some wonderful ideas.  Girls tend to be really tough on themselves, but Laura has a brilliant confidence that is inspiring and should be shared with the world!

Can you imagine life without clean water?  I certainly can't.  This charity is close to a wonderful friend of mine who grew up in the same town as me.  Our town has a natural spring that didn't really mean much to me (besides the bubbling and the water you could drink straight from the bubbles) until someone told me it was on the seven geological wonders of the world (uh what?).  It was then I realized that clean water is not normal.  Clean water is a stimulus for so much besides good health.  I can't imagine being scared to take a drink, and neither should many other people in the world!

Education is huge with me.  If you've been to college, you know how expensive it is - even if you get a full ride.  Kids with the drive and desire to get an education should not be deprived of the opportunity because they can't afford it.  The Shine Project has great shirts and jewelry for sale.  The proceeds go to high schoolers who are unable to afford secondary education.  Not only do you do something nice for someone, but you get something cute out of it.  Just think - you could be putting your future doctor through college!


Ewok Chic

| Earrings & Necklace - Gifts | Similar Earrings | Similar Necklace | Cami - Kohl's | Similar | Blouse & Vest - TJMaxx | Similar Blouse | Similar Vest | Bracelets - Alex & Ani | Similar | Skirt - Loft | Similar | Boots - Old Navy | Similar |

I've had a fur vest on my wish list for a while.  When I found this one at TJMaxx for $20 I knew I had to get it (even though I was TRYING not to shop for myself... I swear!).  It's super out of my comfort zone to wear fur, but I need to start taking risks, and I'm not disappointed by the result.  Even some of the men from my office complimented me on it.

Is there something you've been wishing to purchase, but are afraid to wear?

Also: you'll notice I've kind of toned back on the blogging - don't worry!  This won't be the normal.  Unfortunately, since before Thanksgiving, I will not be spending both nights of my weekend at my house until New Years - I'm CRAZY busy.  On top of the normal holiday craziness, I have four birthdays (Dad, Mom, Brother & Boyfriend) around the holidays so this is a crazy busy shopping for not me time.  AND I'm going up to Manhattan next weekend for work so it never ends!

I'll return after the holidays with a more consistent blogging schedule - and I promise to get to all of your blogs at some point... it just may take a couple of days more than usual.  <3 all="" p="" you="">


Christmas Playlist

I absolutely LOVE listening to Christmas music - but only after Thanksgiving!  I'm not one of those people who can handle it year 'round.  EXCEPT for All I Want for Christmas is You... that's a year-round staple.

Here are ten songs that I HAVE to listen to at least once each Christmas season.  Want to listen to all of them?  If you have Spotify, you can listen to my playlist here!  I sure am :)


Ocean Tulle

| Sweater, Necklace & Booties - Target | Similar Sweater | Similar Necklace | Similar Booties | Skirt - Lauren Conrad for Kohl's | Similar | Earrings - Charlotte Russe | Similar | Bracelet - J.Crew Factory | Similar |

I hit the beach when I got to Delaware - ta da!  Very cold, very pretty!  There's something about the beach that is just so calming and comforting to me, no matter what time of year.  There were surprisingly a lot of people on the beach, too, so I guess I'm not alone.

When I saw Lauren Conrad post this skirt, I knew I must have it!  I have been dying for a tulle skirt, preferably a midi one, but I've also had a shorter one on my list and I knew this was the one - especially for the price!  I felt like a ballerina all day, and enjoyed twirling and swaying to and fro all day long.

Did you all have nice holidays?  What did you wear?