7 Days in Target: Days 3 & 4

[Cardigan, Tank, Pants, & Flats - Target]

So... I have to be honest with you.  This is harder than I had thought.  Apparently I don't own a lot of Target professional wear.  So there's that.  That and I'm used to mixing and matching Target pieces with other pieces.  But I'm determined to be able to make cute outfits on a budget!  

Oh, did I mention I hate how I look in dress pants?

So this is not my favorite outfit.  But I'm comfy and professional and keeping up with my deal so there's that, right?

[Blazer, T-Shirt, Skirt, & Flats - Target]

I do like this outfit.  Naturally, I love this skirt and want to wear it daily.  That and I love the blazer.  It was a definite whim purchase (me and an orange blazer... what?!) so whenever I have an outfit where I can wear it, I get super excited.  

Only one more day of Target professional wear and then I get my cute weekend casual.  Hopefully I'll be struggling a little less...

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