To Shop or Not To Shop

I love shopping.  It's one of my favorite things - shopping for me or others, finding gifts for people, and browsing the interwebs.  I don't need to "swipe the plastic" to get the exhilarating feeling I get from shopping.  So why do I go out and buy a new top when I want it or a vase for my place, even though I have nowhere to put it yet... 

Every year I give up something for Lent in an effort to be a better person.  I've given up soda, meat, swearing, and many other things.  Most of the time, I tend to find out more about myself and make alterations to my life.  I recently gave up cheese for the month of February and it made me realize that it A) doesn't really effect me the way I thought it might and B) is something I don't need to eat every meal.  I'm hoping this round, I'll save more money to spend on memories, not materials.  I also hope that I focus on the things I already have, since I am so lucky to be able to have as many clothes and things as I do.  Joy doesn't come from material things.  And I need to remember this!

Have you given up something for lent?  Would you ever consider giving up shopping for yourself for a period of time? 


  1. Hi Sarah!
    I think it's wonderful that you've chosen to give up shopping for Lent. I gave up shopping from Christmas through March 1st, and I've learned a lot through that experience, both personally and financially. It was absolutely wonderful and I don't regret it at all. I found contentment with what I owned and had more free time and money to focus on other areas of life. I hope you find the experience both challenging and rewarding, and fulfilling as well :)
    Warmest Regards,
    Cynthia at http://styleneverstops.com

  2. This is so sad - Blogger ate my comment ): Basically I was saying that I stopped shopping in the past. What I found helpful the most was setting up a gmail filter for the word "subscribe." So all those emails with 3 HOURS LEFT TO GET 50% OFF directly go into that folder and do not show up in my inbox. I feel like it really helps!

    - Deniz

  3. Wow that would be hard!! Not sure if I could do it!! haha
    xo Jaime

  4. Haha, giving up shopping?! :O Naaaaahhh.. :D

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  5. Love to visit this interesting blog, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing, I am not sure if i can give up shopping one day :).

  6. Well I am here again, thinking strategi how to do that (giving up shopping) . Could be hard though , but when there is will there is way. Good luck for everybody who wants to try.



  7. Great post, Sarah. Not easy to give up on shopping. But I am sure it feels good if you could do it:)

  8. I know the feeling and I REALLY need to work on the same thing. Shopping. Such an issue!



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  9. Shop - always shop - haha :D
    Love Emina


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  10. Everyone loves a good shopping trip, can't beat them haha x x


  11. interesting post


  12. Shopping can make you happy, especially when you buy something good.

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