Bachelor Recap & Other Things

| Bachelor Recap |

If I was the head of a psychiatric hospital, I would contact the producers of The Bachelor and come up with a plan that when you leave, you aren't sent home, but to my hospital.  Seriously.  I have found the crazies of America.  So let's recap:


I HAD SUCH HIGH HOPES FOR KELSEY.  Ugh.  When I heard her laugh that one time, I was a little scared.  But I thought, we all have our flaws, don't focus on this.  But she acted like a spoiled brat.  And I'm sorry, I love the Midwest and Chicago, and think Lake Michigan is awesome, too.  But if you're going to be all bratty about lakes I just want to remind you that us coastal people have OCEANS, and those are so much better than a lake - great or not.  JUSSSSTTTT saying.
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Also, let's discuss Ashley I. and her obsession with her virginity.  Seriously.  I'm convinced she's not and this is all a ruse.  I want some guy to come forward and debunk her claims!  MAD props to Becca (who is my favorite contestant - not necessarily for the winner, but I love her as a person) for admitting that she was too, and that she isn't making a big deal out of it!  LOVE HER.  

Princess Date:

I loved this date.  I loved how sweet Jade was and how cute they were together.  She's lived in Nebraska, too, so she understands the Midwest.  I loved how upset Ashley I. was that she was going.  I just loved this... and then...

Jason Biggs found pictures of sweet innocent Jade posing nude for Playboy.


So disappointed.

Mud Race:

Do you think they purposefully sent Jillian on this date because they knew she would win and it would force him to see how awful she was?  Yes?  Because I do.  +5 points to Carly for being hilarious.  I feel like her and I would have a lot of fun together.  

Jillian on the other hand was a train wreck.  I really appreciated Chris's jokes "She starts talking and all of a sudden I think of unicorns and rainbows..."  Don't cry Jillian about "not being vulnerable".  You put yourself on a pedestal, you were incredibly harsh to a lot of the girls in the house the minute you got out of the limo, and wore more makeup than I own.  MOVE ON.
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But the real story here is the departure of Ashley S.  Let us morn my FAVORITE contestant of all time.  I LOVE HER.  Her exit was absolutely perfect.

I feel........................................................ NOTHING.

Ashley S. please find me and be my best friend.  You are hilarious.  My new thoughts on her are she did all of this as a ruse.  She wanted ample tv time to show she can act crazy, because really she's making fun of everyone.  Yep.  That's what I'm going with.

Seriously girl, call me.

Is everyone else excited to see Kelsey's melt down next episode?

ALSO!  If you want to take a fun quiz, Chris partnered with ProFlowers on a compatibility quiz - I failed (no shock) but you may not!  Find it here

| Shonda Thursday | 

Did you miss Grey's / Scandal / How to Get Away with Murder this week??  I'm not a big fan of Grey's (I stopped long before most people) but the other two are SO good.  I felt SO exhausted after Scandal.  Theories on who has Olivia?  Even more exciting, Shonda is in the works of creating a new show regarding a female forensic scientist.  But there's a part of me that thinks she may be pushing her luck...

| Fromage-less February | 

I'm giving up cheese in February.  I feel like I eat way too much cheese - I look at it as a condiment or spice... like ketchup or pepper.  Yep.  It's going to be quite the test, but I think it's my downfall and I want to see if I A) lose weight giving it up and B) feel better.  I don't look at this like "gluten-free"... I just feel like everything should be consumed in moderation.  And cheese, yeah, I don't consume that in moderation.  
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| Ju-NO | 

Juno was an utter disappointment if you lived on the Northeast coast and not New England.  I'm going to say it now that it's almost February, SNOW already.  Like really snow.  Make it impossible for us to work for like 2 days and then move on.  Let us live our lives!  I'm sorry I keep complaining about all of this but really.  It's tiring.

| Super Bowl | 

I am excited for the Super Bowl tomorrow because, who doesn't love a little friendly competition??  In some ways, this is a fun year because I could care less about who wins, so it can be fun.  Katy Perry has been very funny, and I'm sure she'll put on a decent show.  And who doesn't love the commercials?!  I will say, I'm a little disappointed so many are leaking before.  What happened to the days where this whole thing was a spectacle?  Regardless, I'm ready for some FOOTBALL!  Who are you rooting for???


Serial Dresser

| Coat & Boots - Old Navy | Similar Coat | Similar Boots | Scarf - H&M | Similar | Sweater - Zara | Similar | Top - JCPenney | Similar | Jeans - Express | Similar | Claw Clip - J.Crew Factory | Similar |  

I'm not loving the snow - it's making these days crazy long and dreary.  Luckily, I have Serial to keep me company, and I'm pretty good at making snow balls.

Happy Monday - Stay safe if you're in the wake of Juno!


Bachelor Recap & Other Things

| Bachelor Recap | 

Last week's Bachelor was full of crying virgins, censor blocks, voices that make you want to kill puppies, and delusional daters.  Let's break it down, shall we?

Jimmy Kimmel

I love him.  Have you ever seen the celebs read mean tweets segments on his show?  SO funny.  So Jimmy coming to The Bachelor was definitely something that needs to happen more often.  I'm sure he was miserable and hated every second of it (Read: Do I have to really act like this is a valid process of finding love?) but he killed every moment.  All of the girls acted like 3rd graders when a guest speaker comes to class, though.  Seriously, could you all BE any more fake?
( Photo )

One-on-One Date with Kaitlyn at Costco
For a person who "never saw The Bachelor" she's pretty whiney about not getting a "helicopter"-esque date.  The boyfriend walked in to her complaining and was like, "but, I love our dates at Costco!".  Aw he's sweet.  It's true, we do love Costco, and it can be a great date.  I think it's important you like doing real things - even if that means you're wearing a crop top (not real Costco shopping attire).

I'm liking her more, but I can't picture a break dancer in Iowa.  Anyone else?

Group Date

Seriously on Jillian's shirt - "Stay Classy" - they had to censor her SHORTS.  The real question I had about those was... where does one BUY shorts that need censored on national television.  Seriously?  If you know, please comment.
( Photo )

Oh dear, poor Carly.  She won, kissed the man, and STILL didn't get the rose.  But I totally understand Becca - you play the "hard to get game", you go girl.  

Does anyone else feel incredibly uncomfortable when Amber has any air time?  "Will you dance with me?"  Oh gosh, I can't... stop... you're running a red light!

One-on-One Date with Whitney

You can not tell me that you want to hear that voice for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.  I want to sit that girl down and be like, "STOP.  Talk like an adult.  It's not cute."  I wonder why these girls don't have any good friends in life to tell them these things.  

She also is trying way to hard.  Exhibit A:

Chris: "I really like a girl who can 'roll the cob', you know like, 'go with the flow'."
Whitney: "Oh I love that.  Like just hanging out.  Like we're doing right now."
Chris: "Yeah, and I like a girl who can walk into a room and know no one, and be able to talk to anyone."
Whitney: "Oh my gosh, I make friends in the airport - we're Facebook friends!"
Chris: "And a girl who is really spontaneous and up for an adventure."
Whitney: "Really?  Because I think we should crash that wedding like right now!"

I swear, if he said he liked his women to have man parts, she'd probably say she was born a dude.

Pool Party

Did you ever go to school with a person who thought they were popular because they were loud and talked to everyone, even though they didn't have a good personality and no one liked them?  And they didn't even make the homecoming/prom court yet they still talked about how they were the "coolest in the class"?  Meet Jillian.  I watch her and I wonder when she'll realize that people would rather be stuck in a locked meat freezer with Ashley S. than spend any time with her.

Ashley I. needs to go.  The tears.  The eating of Chris's face.  The constant referral to her virginity.  The "Kardashian" worshipping.  Then again... I think it would be great to see her on the farm.  
( Photo )

Also: guesses on who the other virgin is?  (I can't believe this is all over national TV)  We know 3 of them are out due to the whole marriage/kid thing... my guess is... Becca?  Maybe?  I don't know.

Comments always appreciated!

| Paying it Forward | 

If you live on the northern east coast, you'll know that we have been having snow every couple of days.  On Wednesday, I took the train to avoid the snow commute.  When I returned to my car that night someone had cleaned it off for me!  I have no idea who it was (and it wasn't just my car), but it was one of the nicest, selfless things that I've seen in a while.  Those little things make me have such faith in humanity.
(My photo on Instagram)

| Aw, nuts! | 

I've been craving nuts lately (ha. ha. you all are 12).  I have pistachios, cashews, peanuts, almonds, etc. and can't stop from eating them.  The weirdest thing is I hated nuts about 10 years ago.  Like how does that happen??  Is there a food that you never ate and now can't get enough of?  

| Serial | 

I finally started listening to Serial.  Boyfriend & I had over 4 hours in the car traveling to see family all over, so I suggested that we start the podcast.  Oh. My. God.  It's so good!  Sarah Koenig does such a great job presenting the story and evidence, giving her opinion but being incredibly rational.  Of course, it drives me crazy that many of the questions won't be answered by the end, but I'm definitely thinking (as of the end of episode 7), that it was Adnan.  I have 5 more episodes so who knows.  If you haven't listened yet, YOU HAVE TO.  SO GOOD!
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Have a wonderful week!


I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone

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If you have been following me for a while, you know that I wear glasses often and that my eyesight is one of my downfalls (I'm a superhero otherwise).  As a little girl, I went through phases with some pretty rough eyeglass choices - starting with a blue & green pair of Sally Jessie Raphael specs that were not very flattering or eliminated the jokes being pelted my way.  I loathed wearing my glasses, even refusing to start high school without getting contacts.  

Now that I'm older, I know it's important to take care of my eyes and that contacts, while my best friend, are not the best thing for my eyes.  I also know that instead of looking at glasses as a means of eyesight, I can also use them for a fashion statement - and the more the better... but they're SO expensive!

Enter Eyeglass Discounter.  They have some great designer and non-designer styles with plenty of personality.  I love all of the options that they carry and their reasonable prices.  It's easy to try something new without breaking the bank, and it's awesome that you can show your personality through so many different styles.

Don't need glasses?  They also have a great selection of sunglasses, too!  I HATE Twilight.  But my work bestie & I agree - the moment in Twilight when Robert Pattinson wears those Wayfarer sunglasses?  Take me now, sailor!  
Instant sexy.

Ever since then, I've been a HUGE fan of Ray Ban and all of their styles.  Luckily - Eyeglass Discounter has a ton of Ray Ban selections for a fraction of the price.  I see boyfriend getting a pair or two in his future.  He doesn't need to know my secret motives in trying to make him look more suave.


My Go-To Shirt (2)

| Blouse - Express | Similar | Jeans - Old Navy | Similar | Scarf & Booties - Kohl's | Similar Scarf | Similar Booties

Let me just put a disclaimer out there right now.  I HATE THIS TIME OF YEAR.  I'm more languid, I don't work out as much because I hate being cold and I don't like running on the treadmill.  I don't like how the sky always looks like blah.  Ugh... I'm so over this winter.  It hasn't even snowed that much and it's only January and I'm throwing in the towel.

Okay, so back on point: The Go-To Shirt!  I got one in gray and here, I want to show how casual it can look.  Because of the lightweight material, it's crazy comfortable.  This is the perfect outfit for traveling this time of year when you want to forgo the Ugg boots.  Trust me, my go to travel outfit includes them.  But sometimes yoga pants, Uggs and a sweatshirt aren't cutting it.

So here's my equation for a perfect put-together travel look:
Comfy Blouse + Scarf (MUST-HAVE) + Boyfriend / Comfy Jeans (My skinnies look great, but they are not comfy ) + Booties (easy to slip on and off as opposed to high boots).

Another thing: I always love making my scarf fun and loud, and same with my makeup because if I'm traveling via air, I forgo as much jewelry as possible and just keep it in my carry-on.  The security gives me anxiety!

Do you have a go-to travel outfit?


Bachelor Recap & Weekly Musings

| Bachelor Recap | 

Let me put this out there - Chris Soules is not a shy man.

Do not be fooled ladies.

That man LOVES make out sessions without the dance floor (and I'm pretty sure alcohol on his end).  I just don't even know where to begin.  Maybe the winner of the first group date - Mackenzie.

1.  She wore bib-overalls to the tractor racing group date, unironically.  Think about that.
2.  For a girl who claims, just like Chris, to be shy, she was pretty aggressive about telling Chris that she's afraid of aliens, that she likes big noses, and that her son is the cutest thing ever.  The more she talked the more I felt uncomfortable.  And then... he gave her the rose.  I'm sorry, whaaa?  
3.  She's incredibly upset that she can't use being a virgin, since she has a kid.  I don't know where Mackenzie is from that guys crave virgins, but I guess we now know how she had a kid.

Jillian & Megan broke into Chris's house, and while the camera focused on Megan hitting her head on things, I was focused on why they had to add a black box image to Jillian's crotch area.  Like... what was she wearing to make you do that, and furthermore, why were the ladies in the house allowing her to wear that on national television???

Also, I know Megan has the heartbreaking story about her dad, which I don't wish upon anyone, but REALLY?!  Like... I can't imagine having a conversation with this girl for a couple of hours, let alone the rest of my life. If you are going to live in a town with 400 people, you are going to need to have conversations with each often.  Good luck with that.

Group Date killing zombies - did anyone else think this looks like a LOT of fun??  I'm so wanting to do this!  That said, Kelsey (one of my faves), dropped down a notch with her crazy laugh, and Kaitlyn was better than she had been.  However - ASHLEY S.  THANK GOD HE KEPT HER AROUND.  

Two words.  Mesa Verde.

Please use the comments to decide on why she is so off her rocker.  My vote: meds mixed with alcohol.

Finally - Ashley I. was so wearing the dress crazy eyes Amanda wore on the first day in red.  #awkward.  After watching her be really weird with her belly button ring and making out with Chris, I know why she's a virgin.

Too harsh?  Seriously - look.

Also in the comments: do you think Chris ends up sleeping with one of the girls, and if so, who?  I think he does - and I think it's going to be Kaitlyn. 

| Amtrak | 

I feel like Amtrak gets a lot of flack often, but I'm all about promoting positive (after I berated the girls on a reality dating show).  One night on my commute home, I accidentally left my work phone on the train.  I knew it immediately when I got to the car.  I expected to have to call Amtrak, figure out how to get my phone back, yadda yadda yadda.  By the time I got home, they had already called me - the conductor matched my initials on my phone case to my ticket and had one of the passengers call my coworker to contact me.  He kept it until the next day.  So sweet!  It's nice to know there are people out there who care.

| Delicious Greek | 

I am hoping to promote Amish Country (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, if you didn't know) more through this blog.  It's a really cool place to live, even if it's not the "city", and people on the East Coast should definitely visit.  

Souvlavki Boys is one of the best Greek restaurants I've ever been to.  It started as a food truck, but now is a restaurant with the staples (Gyros, Spanakopita, Baklava), but also gyro variations, skewers, and awesome Greek fries (fries with greek herbs and spices and feta cheese).  We would eat something from there once a week, if we could!  The prices are incredibly reasonable, and all of the teenagers who work there are so nice and professional, I'm always impressed!  Check them out in downtown Lancaster on Prince Street!

| Blog Spotlight | 

Hello, Gorgeous - A blog run by Yasi, she doesn't post often due to her having a full-time job (like me!) but when she does, I am always incredibly pleased!  Yasi wears incredibly professional outfits which inspired me greatly when I worked in the ultra-conservative banking industry.  She isn't afraid of color, layering, or patterns and wears reasonably priced pieces - some being from Target & Forever 21.  

| Item I'm Craving | 

I always get a little weary, thinking of rugs because I am always afraid of them being too much for a room, and they're always so expensive.  But I tend to adore the rugs at Anthropologie - especially this one!  Too bad it's a tad out of my price range...


Bachelor Recap & Other Things

I don't think I could have asked for more of a trainwreck for the first episode of The Bachelor.  More than one girl had crazy eyes, more than one girl was a hot drunk mess, more than one girl decided she was the best girl for Farmer Chris, only one girl got a make out (I'm sorry, has that happened on night one before?  Uh woah).

| Amanda's CRAZY eyes! "My mom told me not embarrass her on national television!" Womp, womp. | 
| Ashley S. and her onion/pomegranate (also had crazy eyes) and trying gimmicks.  Oh dear, God.  I like her so much because she makes everything awkward! | 
| The hot mess that is Tara - the sport fishing enthusiast.  I called that - and I called him keeping her.  Chris Soules is a midwestern farmer.  Sometimes they like girls like that.  I loved that she couldn't even stand.  You go, girl.  I will say, everyone hated her entrance, but I will give her props for it - it's probably why she's still around! | 
| Kelsey turned out to be awesome.  However, she's a 28-year old widow.  THAT POOR GIRL.  I can't even... that's awful!  How am I supposed to handle this? | 
| Make out seen around the world - Chris made out with his first impression rose recipient, Britt.  While I like her, I don't LOVE her yet, and wasn't really into her crying at first sight experience.  She really needs to pull herself together! | 

Other Things

| GIRLS returns tonight - I'm so excited!  I am rewatching the series today and looking back on Season 1, I totally remember why I fell in love with this show.  It has taken a turn that I haven't loved, but I've stayed with it and I have high hopes for this season.  To all you haters, take it from Shosh: | 

| One of the few good things about the awful winter is being able to eat soup all the time.  Tonight I'm making this mac & cheese soup (whatttt you can do that?) recipe. | 

| You know you are getting old when you put "pillows" on a must have list.  I have pillows for my bed, obviously, but never thought about pillows for guests.  UGH!  I want to be the perfect hostess and there I go not having pillows!  Solved that issue, but wow.  Who knew I'd be buying extra pillows. | 

| I'm reading Empty Mansions right now, which was a Christmas gift from the boyfriend last Christmas, and I'm so angry at myself for not reading it until now.  If you haven't heard of it, it's about a 100-year old heiress who lived her last twenty years in a hospital instead of her stately mansions. | 

| The boyfriend & I will be celebrating 3 years together over Valentine's Day weekend (yes, he's the weirdo who asked a girl out on Valentine's Day) and we are thinking of taking a long weekend to enjoy a city together.  We're debating where to go - quick trip so not west of the Mississippi, unfortunately - and it will be winter.  So far we've thought about Pittsburgh, Philly, Richmond, or DC (two of which we've done, just never without visiting friends).  Any suggestions?  PS - NYC is out. | 


Farm Show

| Scarf - Aldo | Similar | Vest - Old Navy | Similar | Shirt - WalMart | Similar | Leggings - Victoria's Secret | Similar | Boots - Aersoles | Similar

See the snow on the ground?? Yeah... well it snowed on Tuesday, and it wasn't that much but it's been SO FREAKIN' COLD it has yet to melt.  I've been wanting to do an outfit post but the wind and weather have just really not afforded for that to happen.  Until today! Woo!

Boyfriend & I were going to go to the farm show (yep) for fried cheese and BBQ.  I may or may not have been the day before for my deep fried veggies.  Of course, I HAD to pull out the flannel.  I got this tunic at WalMart when I was in college and it's one of my two favorite finds from the superstore (I don't normally shop there - I haven't been to one since July).

So there I was all ready to see some animals, and when we got to the complex, it was closed due to FULL LOTS.  They told people to drive around until they would let people in (seriously?)  We were a little bummed but headed out to lunch and back home for football.  Oh well!  I guess I'll have to show you Central PA living another time.

Do you have favorite fair-like food?


The Bachelor: Meet the Women

Since it's a new year, I'm trying something new on The Crown Bijoux.  In the past, TCB has been 97% about fashion with the remaining 3% divided between shopping and miscellaneous.  After speaking with a great friend and reader of mine, she mentioned how she missed my old blog that had fashion but other musings about what it was like one year after college.  So, I'm trying something a little new.  Many of you know I love watching television (guilty pleasure... in my defense I tend to read & blog while doing it!) and some of you know that watching The Bachelor/ette is something I am ashamed of, yet brings me much joy.  I'm going to add in a little of my commentary this season with Farmer Chris as some of the posts instead of straight fashion - but don't worry, the outfits will continue!  I'd love to hear your feedback - on this post or on others.  I write for all of you!

So let's begin: The judgement period.  Tonight, Chris Soules will meet 30 women who will all think that they need to be Mrs. Soules.  And as a woman in my mid-twenties who appreciates the occasional (ha) glass of wine, I am happy to watch and laugh and jeer and think, "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?"  The tears.  The false proclamations of love.  The girl that everyone inevitably hates.  I live for this.  I'm. So. Excited.

But one of my favorite things: judging the women before the show even starts!
| Picture - ABC

I've rated the women on a 1-5 scale (1 lowest, 5 highest) based on name, job, looks, statistics, and general information.  I judge the name and job before I see their pictures, by the way.  If you want to see each individual woman, click here.

Let's Begin!

| Alissa | Total Score: 20
Commentary: I think being a flight attendant is really cool.  Maybe that's very 1960's thinking of me, but hey.  Also, I love her most embarrassing moment.  I feel like I was that girl at a couple of points in my life.

| Amanda | Total Score: 16
Commentary: I also am jealous she's a ballet instructor.  Bendy.  Don't love her answers, though.  She wants to be Allie from The Notebook because of Noah's love for her?  That's kind of weird.

| Amber | Total Score: 14
Commentary: I like that she likes Reservoir Dogs.  I can get on board with that.

| Ashley I. | Total Score: 14
Commentary: She listed foundation and mascara as things she can't live without.  If you saw her picture you wouldn't be surprised.............

| Ashley S. | Total Score: 16
Commentary: She looks pretty real, which I like!

| Becca | Total Score: 17
Commentary: I like her.  Her answers definitely helped.  Which is more important, right?

| Bo | Total Score: 15
Commentary: Bo? I don't even like this name for a girl, let alone a guy.  I've heard it as a nickname for Rainbow, but that doesn't help her in the least.  Wait, she's a plus-size model, too?  Seriously.  Why can't we just say she's a model?  Like really - NOTHING IS DOING HER ANY FAVORS AND I HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN HER YET!  Okay, she's pretty and I like her.  I stand by calling her just a model.

| Britt | Total Score: 17
Commentary: Her favorite author is David Foster Wallace?  I'm... intrigued by this ombre haired waitress.  She's going to be interesting.

| Brittany | Total Score: 12
Commentary: WWE Diva-in-training??  Like.  You may be that.  But don't admit it.  Don't ever admit it.  I know which one she is in the big pic, too, and I literally can't even.  Please go night one.  Please.  Unless you create drama.  Then episode 4.

| Carly | Total Score: 17
Commentary: She was doing well until she listed she couldn't live without cut-off shorts.  Mad props for having to be a look-out for real pirates though.  That's badass (and pretty scary)!

| Jade | Total Score: 22
Commentary: I love her!  She likes elephants, she's pretty, she likes Jane Eyre.  She's smart and pretty and real.  Oh please don't make me regret this.

| Jillian | Total Score: 16
Commentary: Being a news producer is pretty cool - and she's from Washington D.C. (no points for location).  Her picture isn't flattering for her back.  Like really - look.

| Jordan | Total Score: 17
Commentary: She sounds a little crazy - she skinny dips.  I'm never comfortable naked sooo.

| Juelia | Total Score: 14
Commentary: I'm interested to hear how she pronounces "Juelia".  Is it a fun spelling for Julia?  Is it a silent "J" like "You-elia?" Or do you pronounce everything like "Jew-Elia"?  I rated it 3 because while I can't judge a name I don't know... I do feel bad for all of the teachers out there who have to figure out how to pronounce unique names on the first day of school.

| Kaitlyn | Total Score: 19
Commentary: She's a dance instructor.  Either she will really get along with Amanda, or they'll be mortal enemies - DANCE OFF! She was doing really well until she got to the Ninja Turtle stuff.

| Kara | Total Score: 21
Commentary: I really like her top.

| Kelsey | Total Score: 23
Commentary: I love her hair, she seems smart and very real.  I feel like if she makes it past 3 episodes she could go really far.

| Kimberly | Total Score: 17
Commentary: Is it just me or do a lot of these girls look alike?  Does he tell the producers his type?  I mean, they all kind of look like Andie...

| Mackenzie | Total Score: 12
Commentary: There's a lot I don't love about her... but she's 21.  That's like REALLY young to be looking for a husband.  At least... in front of the whole nation.

| Megan | Total Score: 18
Commentary: These embarrassing stories are really good.  Like really good.  I'll support the girls who were completely honest (because they're the best ones!)

| Michelle | Total Score: 15
Commentary: I wonder how much someone makes decorating wedding cakes.

| Nicole | Total Score: 18
Commentary: She seems really sweet but I don't think she's going to last.  It's always the redhead.  Poor redheads.

| Nikki | Total Score: 19
Commentary: She's way too pretty.  I bet they picked her up at her modeling agency (which she admits is Wilhelmina Models - nice placement!).  Did you know they do that?  Not only do they have the casting calls but they go to modeling agencies and scout people they think are attractive.  So interesting!

| Reegan | Total Score: 22
Commentary: Props on the fun name.  Donated Tissue Specialist?  Color me intrigued...

| Samantha | Total Score: 20
Commentary: Fashion Designer - we automatically love her.  She also grew up in the country so I like her a lot haha.

| Tandra | Total Score: 19
Commentary: I feel like we're very similar.  The fact that she can't live without contact lenses made me give her an automatic five.  Preach, sister friend!

| Tara | Total Score: 11
Commentary: Sport Fishing Enthusiast?  I'm keeping my jokes at bay because in all seriousness, that could be really hot to a farmer.  However, she's the girl who looks less than enthused in the background, has a stuff beaver named Beave, and refers to a good guy opening the "truck" door for her.  Truck.  Like.  Does it have to be?  And marriage means "legal documentation" that you are forever committed and loyal to your best friend.  This is going to go REAL well!

| Tracy | Total Score: 16
Commentary: She looks like Tiffany Thiessen to me.

| Trina | Total Score: 16
Commentary: For biggest date fear she said, "eating something that gives me "di-di".  Is that diarrhea?  Okay.......

| Whitney | Total Score: 20
Commentary: I love planners, too, and I don't think it's old school.  She also seems real, however, the boyfriend did not like that she had a tattoo.  Mind you this is the only one he saw, as many have more than one tattoo.

My top 7: Alissa, Jade, Kara, Kelsey, Reegan, Samantha, and Whitney - let's see how I do!

* Please note that I'm really not this cruel.  It's just for fun.  I'm sure each of these girls is very lovely, but it should be noted that they are a) on a national television show, so they did sign up for this - and a lot of other people are MUCH less forgiving than I am and b) not depicted as their true selves, I'm sure. *


My Go-To Shirt (1)

| Shirt - Express | Similar | Jeans & Boots - Target | Similar Jeans | Similar Boots

So I'm obsessed with the Portofino Blouses from Express.  They are super comfortable, don't wrinkle easily, and come in tons of patterns and colors.  Naturally, they have sold out of the polka dot one shown here, but they have many other patterns to choose from like cheetah print.

I recently purchased two more and am planning on showing you outfits I threw together using this go-to shirt.  I love items that are easy to style and can make an outfit in a pinch.

Do you have items like this in your wardrobe?


Shiny 2015

Happy New Year, loves!  I hope you all enjoyed ringing it in with friends & loved ones.  We actually had a very relaxed evening with some of my oldest and bestest friends and that's all I could have hoped for.  Now - for the black eyed pea soup, pork, and sauerkraut (mix the Pennsylvania Dutch with the Southerners and you're going to have quite a lot of food luck haha).