Bachelor Recap & Other Things

| Bachelor Recap | 

Last week's Bachelor was full of crying virgins, censor blocks, voices that make you want to kill puppies, and delusional daters.  Let's break it down, shall we?

Jimmy Kimmel

I love him.  Have you ever seen the celebs read mean tweets segments on his show?  SO funny.  So Jimmy coming to The Bachelor was definitely something that needs to happen more often.  I'm sure he was miserable and hated every second of it (Read: Do I have to really act like this is a valid process of finding love?) but he killed every moment.  All of the girls acted like 3rd graders when a guest speaker comes to class, though.  Seriously, could you all BE any more fake?
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One-on-One Date with Kaitlyn at Costco
For a person who "never saw The Bachelor" she's pretty whiney about not getting a "helicopter"-esque date.  The boyfriend walked in to her complaining and was like, "but, I love our dates at Costco!".  Aw he's sweet.  It's true, we do love Costco, and it can be a great date.  I think it's important you like doing real things - even if that means you're wearing a crop top (not real Costco shopping attire).

I'm liking her more, but I can't picture a break dancer in Iowa.  Anyone else?

Group Date

Seriously on Jillian's shirt - "Stay Classy" - they had to censor her SHORTS.  The real question I had about those was... where does one BUY shorts that need censored on national television.  Seriously?  If you know, please comment.
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Oh dear, poor Carly.  She won, kissed the man, and STILL didn't get the rose.  But I totally understand Becca - you play the "hard to get game", you go girl.  

Does anyone else feel incredibly uncomfortable when Amber has any air time?  "Will you dance with me?"  Oh gosh, I can't... stop... you're running a red light!

One-on-One Date with Whitney

You can not tell me that you want to hear that voice for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.  I want to sit that girl down and be like, "STOP.  Talk like an adult.  It's not cute."  I wonder why these girls don't have any good friends in life to tell them these things.  

She also is trying way to hard.  Exhibit A:

Chris: "I really like a girl who can 'roll the cob', you know like, 'go with the flow'."
Whitney: "Oh I love that.  Like just hanging out.  Like we're doing right now."
Chris: "Yeah, and I like a girl who can walk into a room and know no one, and be able to talk to anyone."
Whitney: "Oh my gosh, I make friends in the airport - we're Facebook friends!"
Chris: "And a girl who is really spontaneous and up for an adventure."
Whitney: "Really?  Because I think we should crash that wedding like right now!"

I swear, if he said he liked his women to have man parts, she'd probably say she was born a dude.

Pool Party

Did you ever go to school with a person who thought they were popular because they were loud and talked to everyone, even though they didn't have a good personality and no one liked them?  And they didn't even make the homecoming/prom court yet they still talked about how they were the "coolest in the class"?  Meet Jillian.  I watch her and I wonder when she'll realize that people would rather be stuck in a locked meat freezer with Ashley S. than spend any time with her.

Ashley I. needs to go.  The tears.  The eating of Chris's face.  The constant referral to her virginity.  The "Kardashian" worshipping.  Then again... I think it would be great to see her on the farm.  
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Also: guesses on who the other virgin is?  (I can't believe this is all over national TV)  We know 3 of them are out due to the whole marriage/kid thing... my guess is... Becca?  Maybe?  I don't know.

Comments always appreciated!

| Paying it Forward | 

If you live on the northern east coast, you'll know that we have been having snow every couple of days.  On Wednesday, I took the train to avoid the snow commute.  When I returned to my car that night someone had cleaned it off for me!  I have no idea who it was (and it wasn't just my car), but it was one of the nicest, selfless things that I've seen in a while.  Those little things make me have such faith in humanity.
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| Aw, nuts! | 

I've been craving nuts lately (ha. ha. you all are 12).  I have pistachios, cashews, peanuts, almonds, etc. and can't stop from eating them.  The weirdest thing is I hated nuts about 10 years ago.  Like how does that happen??  Is there a food that you never ate and now can't get enough of?  

| Serial | 

I finally started listening to Serial.  Boyfriend & I had over 4 hours in the car traveling to see family all over, so I suggested that we start the podcast.  Oh. My. God.  It's so good!  Sarah Koenig does such a great job presenting the story and evidence, giving her opinion but being incredibly rational.  Of course, it drives me crazy that many of the questions won't be answered by the end, but I'm definitely thinking (as of the end of episode 7), that it was Adnan.  I have 5 more episodes so who knows.  If you haven't listened yet, YOU HAVE TO.  SO GOOD!
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Have a wonderful week!


  1. I keep hearing about Serial but haven't listened to it yet. It sounds addicting!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog! xx

    She Likes to Shop

    1. Thank you! I actually already participated in the award (which you can see here: http://thecrownbijoux.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-liebster-award.html) but I'm very flattered you thought of me!

      - Sarah :)

  2. good night!


  3. Great recap Sarah! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I always look forward to your Bachelor recaps, Sarah!! xx


  5. Haha Jimmy Kimmel was on that show. Omg amazing. I don't watch the Bachelor (we have one over here too). Well at least your Bachelor looks handsome. You should see the bloke we have over here.

    xx glamdevils.com / miradevils.blogspot.com

  6. ahh this is wonderful :) have a lovely day!!


  7. great post! nice one :)


  8. Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious! Love this recap!

    Heidi D.

  9. So nice someone cleaned your car!! A good reminder it is always good to help others out
    xo Jaime

  10. I haven't heard of serial before, but they sound cool! I love Jimmy Kimmel though!

    Raindrops of Sapphire - Personal blog

  11. Just came across your blog- and I'm in love! Ugh Ashley is STILL talking about her virginity! And I agree with Jillians shorts.

    Serial was amazing. I'm really interested to see what happens with Adnan now, and what they have planned for next season (is it a season? lol)

    xo Lindsay

    wandering 20 something. // beauty & lifestyle blog.

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