7 Days in Target: Days 1 & 2

I've decided to challenge myself with the ultimate Sarah challenge - can I wear only Target for 7 days.  That means 5 days worth of "business professional" and 2 days of fun.  I love Target, and while I do not think you should solely shop there, I also want to make the point that you can find fashionable outfits that don't break the bank.  So here we go (I will have you note that I take these pictures after work, so yes, I do actually wear these clothes.. and I don't look as good after 9 hours).

Day 1:

[Dress, Tights & Flats - Target; Glasses - Warby Parker]

Okay, Okay, the glasses aren't Target, but I'm blind as a bat, I can't help it.  I think that my roommate's Great Dane, Duke, adds to the pictures.  I think I look incredibly regal, eh?  This dress is a little casual so many times I add a blazer, but I was doing some spring cleaning, so I could pull it off.

Day 2:
[Necklace, Cardigan, Tank Top, Skirt, Tights, Watch & Wedges - Target]

This is a perfect fall outfit, but what I really love about this skirt (besides being long enough to make my employer happy), is that the plaid in the skirt makes the combinations endless.  I've worn brown sweaters, navy blazers, and plum cardigans with this.  I also feel very intelligent and scholastic in this.

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