Weekend Getaway

When one of my best friends from college decided to move to Arizona for a couple of months, the other musketeer and myself (why yes, we call ourselves the "Musks" like really cute kids do) decided this would be the best opportunity to explore the desert.  And to remind her that if she decides to move west permanently, she won't get to see our beautiful faces as often.

After living abroad for 5 months, I learned how to pack like a freakin' Greek God.  Call me Packeus.  Lame joke... okay so anyways, I got so good that I packed for a whole week in Minnesota once in an LLBean carry on - and I had to go to a wedding!  I managed to bring a curler & hair dryer on that trip, too, so this one will definitely be looking up (Liz, I'm hoping you have one of those...)

So how does one pack for a 72 hour trip to the desert and look adorable?  I'll tell you my secrets!

1. First, make sure you know your airline's carry-on policy, and double check the TSA website.  I'm traveling Southwest, which is a very loved airline, but depending on who you travel, you may find that you're only allowed one carry-on, the carry-on sizes are absurd, or you have to pay for any checked luggage.  I love using the large L.L. Bean Tote for my "carry-on" and my small Vineyard Vines Gettysburg tote for my purse.  Both hold their contents well, are durable but malleable, and are staples in my closet.  Also, make sure you know what you can carry size-wise when it comes to liquids - and make sure you have the appropriate size ziplock baggie.

2. Make a list of everything you will want to take with you.  A lot of times I utilize stars/asterisks/other hieroglyphics to denote different things such as things to pack right before I leave, items that I need to go in to plastic baggies, or things I can eliminate if I have too much.

3. Lay out all of the clothes you want to take with you.  This will make you see what you have and what you still need.  I like to wear my most difficult items to pack on my travels - so my booties, jean jacket & hat are set aside to wear on the plane (and I make sure I have an outfit to wear them with on the way back).  If you haven't worn an outfit you're imagining before, try it on to make sure that you are satisfied with how it looks.  I love bringing blacks, whites, and other neutrals with statement pieces.  Those statement pieces tend to be for "nights out".

4. When packing, start with your shoes - those are going to be your skeleton.  I started with my sneaks and shoved socks & underwear into them.  I then put my other shoes around them.  Add your sleepwear/work out clothes to the bottom and then start with bottoms working your way to the top with your most delicate items.  Try and fill in holes here an there with bras, makeup brushes, etc.  Some say to pack so that what you want first is at the top, but to maximize on space, I pack this way and unpack when I get to my destination.

5. Finally, separate your liquids from your solids.  Make sure your liquids are on top of all of your items - you'll need to pull those out for the metal detector.  If there are items that you may want to have easy access to, utilize your purse tote - you probably won't use all the room in it!

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