Bathroom Remodel

As many of you know, I recently moved.  Before, I shared a very, very, very tiny bathroom with my roommate and couldn't really keep anything in there aside from my shower things.  Growing up, I shared a bathroom with my brother and when I went to college, I either had a dorm bathroom or shared a bathroom with more than one roommate.  Since I was used to sharing a bathroom, I would always be one of the first to bow out on getting ready in there.  When I moved and realized I got my own bathroom, I was so excited to finally be a real girl and have a place to put on my face and get my hair all purty.  However, I'm renting and I had limited capability.  So here's a little remodel of a bathroom to make it my own.

| Before |

Notice that I basically have a shower, a cupboard under the sink, the sink top, and toilet.  Not exactly glamorous and definitely not roomie enough for all my stuff (womp).

| After |

I had the best boyfriend ever (his words at request) put up shelves to hold some of my beauty items in a more attractive way.  I purchased the mason jar soap dispenser (so cute) from an online boutique and the stacking jars with the cotton balls, q-tips, and floss pics from Anthropologie.  I dream about gorgeous bathrooms and think these will look great in them when I have my perfect bathroom.

Home Goods is an excellent place to find wall art, and when I saw this starfish and sea disc shadow wall art, I knew it was everything I wanted.  Not only did it fit into my already purchased color scheme but I love ocean stuff and felt that my bathroom was the only place I could get away with an ocean themed room.  Even though I live in Amish County, I still love my roots from the Eastern Shore (Delaware).

My favorite purchase was the holder I found at TJMaxx for my makeup and brushes.  Even though I have storage in wooden and plastic bins under my sink, there just wasn't enough room.  This holder for a desk was the perfect fit.  I love it!  

Do you love decorating?  Do you have creative ways to maximize your space where you live?

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