Closet Organization 101: Clothes & Pinterest

I love organizing.  I like to organize my home room by room and then start all over again because I just love organizing.  I love it so much that it has become a large part of my job (and no I am not the delusional dater poster child, Ashlee Frazier, "Professional Organizer").

I happen to love MANY types of clothing.  Yet there I go, out shopping, and oh, what's that?  Another navy top and black dress?  We're shocked.  Over time, I started realizing that while I had a good amount of clothing, I didn't really know what I owned and didn't realize how many outfits I could make from items in my own closet.

So I decided to take an inventory.  Think Cher in Clueless.  I went through every item of clothing, decided if I really wanted it, and then wrote it down.  I've even organized my list by type: tops, sweaters, athletic wear, dresses, skirts, etc.  I then went through my Pinterest board and looked at how many outfits I could make with what was in my closet.  I also noted which outfits I could make if I had a certain item and added that to a wishlist.  I also looked to see what was a reoccurring theme to my favorite outfits, and added them to the wishlist.  Now when I go out shopping, I know what I need and what I don't and I'm not as drawn to my staples.  I'm on a mission.

Are you like me and tend to stick in your comfort zone?  Do you wish you dressed like your clothing Pinterest board?

Need some outfit inspiration?  Check out my clothing Pinterest Board here

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