Butterfly Boucher - 1 Dress 3 Ways

[First Outfit: Dress & Necklace - LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's; Ribbon Belt - Own; Shoes - J.Crew ; Hat - TJMaxx]
[Second Outfit: Dress as Shirt - LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's; Skirt - J.Crew; Shoes - Steve Madden; Necklace - Target]
[Third Outfit: Dress as Shirt - LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's; Cami & Shoes - Target; Blazer - Express; Jeans - Levi's at TJMaxx; Necklace - The Loft]

I purchased this dress with the sole purpose to wear it to work.  Pretty & flirty, it was conservative enough to wear and I was looking for dresses I could wear without blazers or cardigans.  But after lots of wear and washing, regardless of the water temperature and air drying, it just seemed to get shorter and shorter.  I have long legs and dresses tend to ride up easily so there I was at work realizing that if I wore this dress another time, I'd be on the blacklist.  But my heart loves this dress & I refuse to give up so easily.  While I still wear the dress to church and brunches, I continue to wear it as a shirt to work.  It looks great with many different kinds of skirts - this one I had worn to work (hence the nice creasing in the skirt... I'm working on fixing that).  I can also wear it out for a dinner date with jeans when I tie it up in the back and hide it behind a blazer.  Even the under slip I wear as a nightgown.  Mission Accepted & Complete.

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