1 Skirt 2 Ways: Aztec

I love trends.  I don't love buying something super cute, super trendy, something I love and will always covet but then can't wear because it's out of style... and I wore it twice. So one of the games I play when I do take the plunge and buy the trendy thing I love, is see what I can wear with the outfit.  Then I do a dance and finally decide when to exit the house in said outfits...

Casual Day Look:

[Top, Purse & Booties - Target; Bangle Bracelets - Kohl's; Skirt - Express]

Going Out At Night Look:

[Top - TJMaxx; Purse & Heels - Strawberry; Skirt - Express]

I Live On a Farm and Dress for the Club Right In Front of My Brother's PickUp Look:

Maybe next time I'll wear knee-high stiletto boots, leather leggings, and pose next to the goat.

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