September Birchbox Review

BCBGMaxAzria Bon Genre: I definitely got a lot of compliments on this scent.  It definitely has a sultry smell.  I however prefer much more fresh scents.

Dr. Lipp Orginial Nipple Balm for Lips: I appreciate a good lipbalm.  Most of the reason I love lipstain is so I can apply and reapply chapstick but still have color on my lips.  I can imagine this stuff is amazing when you have insanely chapped lips.  It's smoother and less oily than vaseline so it's definitely the cure for those days.

Serge Normant Meta Luxe Hair Spray: I have this curling iron that produces the most beautiful curls but with my more than naturally straight hair, it refuses to stay curled no matter what I do.  I tend to put hairsprays to the test with this one, hoping one day I will find the one that will hold the curl.  All that said, this one did not.  While it's a very nice hairspray, it didn't wow me and the smell was a little to musky for me.

Coastal Secrets Eye Shadow: I rarely play up my eyes when I go to work, but I decided to try these colors out (separately at first, then in combos0 on a casual Friday.  Wow did I get compliments.  I found that 3 out of the 4 colors garnered rave reviews.  The one I wouldn't even leave the house with on.  It was a red... it was weird.  Which reminds me of how I wore red eye shadow at one point... oh Sarah...
So would I purchase this eye shadow?  Mmm... it's still a little intense for my taste.  I have found that I'm still gravitating towards my golds, but they do mix nicely.

Ruffian Nail Laquer - Fox Hunt: I loveeeeee this color.  I like how bright it is without being neon.  I've been loving orange nails and this nail polish gets it perfectly.  It went on seemlessly and lasted a good long while.  All these things make me a definite fan.

[Trying out the eyeshadow & nail polish]

September Must-Have: Ruffian Nail Laquer for sure!

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