Pip & Kate Update I

Welcome to my new series - Pip & Kate Update!  It's just going to be a little round up of the past month in the Middleton Girls's World - what they've done, what they've worn, all you need to know.  Even though I do all sorts of different fashion on the blog, I still want to stay true to my initial drive - to emulate the Middleton classic style in my every day life.  So without further ado:


Did you know Kate & Audrey Hepburn have more in common than great style?  Watch this video to see Kate play Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady in grade school.  The rainnnn in Spppaaiinnn falls mainnnly on the plaiiiinnnn.

Jet-Set Babes

Kate & George went on a family vacay to Mustique.  I guess if you are on a plane where you pick the passengers, it's not too bad to fly with a baby.  But I really enjoy these pictures of the future King and his mom.  It's so normal and I love that.  I also love his little sailor hat.  


Kate rewore her stunning Jenny Packham dress for the National Portrait Gallery Gala and donned a little more bling for the event, too.  The Spin reports that they believe she's going to be playing it safe with her formal wear after the Queen's rumored guidelines (that whole hemline thing).  Regardless, I love the dress, but I also have wanted Jenny Packham to make my wedding dress for years now.

Blue Puffy Smurf

Pippa has restored my faith in puffy jackets.  I love the jacket she was seen in this February.  She makes being cold look awesome.  Fact: It's not.

Blue Valentine

Kate spent V-day in blue opening an art therapy room.  She looked stunning in the Detroit Dress and what's a better way to spend the day of love than spreading it to people who find love through art.  Read more about her February 14th here.

Food of Love

Did you know Pippa is a journalist?  She has a column in The Telegraph and this month she finds out if oysters really are an aphrodisiac.  I can tell you, I don't think so.  There's nothing about garlic, horseradish, vinegar, and all the stuff being gulped down as to feel like you're not eating phlegm that is a turn on.  I'm just saying.  But read what Pippa finds, and also her 5 Valentine Things to Try.

Lady in Red at the Dramatic Arts Reception

After the BAFTA awards, the Queen held a Dramatic Arts Reception where Kate rewore her red Alexander McQueen pleated dress.  Repurposing dresses - oh Kate, you're so thrifty!

Read about Kate chatting with the hottest grandma in a bikini - Helen Mirren (I LOVE HER).

Love Locket

Kate has been seen sporting a necklace with Baby George's name.  Precious!  Rumor has it, Auntie Pippa purchased the gem   The maker is Merci Maman and I'm pretty sure they'll be out of stock very soon.

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