Elements of Style: Emma Watson

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I know I say often that I should be best friends with certain people, but BuzzFeed has pretty much consistently said that this one should be.  So my opinions aside, BuzzFeed quizzes are obviously the say so around here.  They also say that she would play me in a movie.  Emma Watson certainly is no longer little Hermione Granger.

Emma Watson's style is so polished, so clean, I can't help but think she could rule the world one day.  Here are the elements of Emma's style:

1. Mature School-Girl: Emma still wears the tweeds, the pleats, and the blazers of the schoolgirl age, but plays with hem- and necklines, colors and makeup to make the style age-appropriate.
2. Clean Colors: Even though Emma isn't afraid of color, she tends to pick colors that are crisp and clean, rather than warm, cool, or wacky.
3. Jackie O Inspiration: Emma has taken a page from the Jackie O book implementing trenches and big sunglasses into her wardrobe.  
4. English Countryside: Are British people just so much more refined?  Okay, I know it's not true, I've lived there, but Emma has the best elements of English style with tartan prints, equestrian boots, and wool ponchos.
5. Feminine Menswear: Emma has a ton of blazers in her wardrobe and isn't afraid of suiting up for an event.  She looks sharp yet pretty.
6. Classic Silhouettes: When I saw this dress, my jaw dropped.  I want it and I want to find a place to wear it.  Emma tends to pick dresses that are modern yet reminiscent of red carpets past.

Oh, by the way, I cut my hair and asked for this - 

Can you tell I'm hooked?

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