Pip & Kate Update II

It's that time again: let's see what my favorite sister combo has been up to this past month...

Kate has the interior design bug.  She is taking to doing the design on Amner Hall so it feels like their family home.  I wonder what a commoner home is like on the inside.  Or if she has been drawing on inspiration from the family homes.  I would love a Home & Garden tour of this place when it's finished!

Pippa has admitted that the dress that put her on the map may have fit a little too well.  I don't know, I think the girl should rock it.  If I could look that good, I would be wearing things like that daily.

Everyone is reporting on Wills & Kate missing Georgie's first crawl.  I personally feel bad for the parents missing such a pivotal moment in their kid's life, but I think that just proves they're real - working parents, ya know?

Get to know Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, Prince George's new nanny!  She trained at the school for nanny's (seriously?!) and will be responsible for taking care of the future king - no pressure lady.

The royals attended a wedding for some of their close friends.  I wonder what the family will wear to my wedding, since I'm clearly one of their besties.  I haven't decided if I like the aristocratic male wedding attire... it seems a little 80's to me.  Thoughts?

Make sure you check out Pippa's two Telegraph articles (did I mention how much I love that she has a segment?) - one on what it's like to be a rower at Cambridge and one on London's Pancake Hot Spots.

I'm super excited that Hobb's - a designer-fave of the Middleton's - is coming to Bloomy's!  Dresses are starting under $200 and will be starting in the East Coast... I'm waiting.......

Until next month :)

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