Elements of Style: Rachel Bilson

Elements of Rachel's Style
1. Boyfriend Jeans - I wish I could wear boyfriend jeans like Rachel.  Seeing as she's on the shorter side (5'2") I understand the rolling of the jeans, and I love the look.
2. Frilly Dresses - This is only one of the many beautiful dresses Rachel has donned for the "red carpet".  They are usually pastel and frilly and short and girly.  They all have a vintage feel and look like they're out of a beautiful movie.
3. Leather Jackets - I love leather jackets.  We know this.  No explanation here.
4. Ombre Hair - I don't know if I've expressed this desire here (or anywhere else really) but I think a large reason why I wish I was brunette is so I could have ombre hair.  I don't car if it's on the way out.  I love it.  I want it.  It's chic and it's not and I'm jealous.
5. Designer Bags - Rachel all seems to be carrying a chic bag with her.  Whether it be a large weekender, a side bag, or a clutch, she always accessorizes her bags perfectly.  She definitely makes me want to expand my purse collection.
6. Oversized Sweaters - Who does not love that cable knit or that gray number?  I love oversized sweaters and think they look great with Rachel's jean and booty pairings.
7. Dressed Up Shorts with Heels - Here's one of my favorite trends Rachel wears on and off screen.  I love the shorts with fun shoes look.  A little side note though, has anyone noticed the amount of shorts Rachel's character Zoey Hart wears on Hart of Dixie?  One of my best friends from college moved to southern Mississippi after college and bought a ton of shorts for the relocation.  She immediately called to tell me that shorts are apparently not worn down south and she felt so stupid for having so many.  I would just like to take a moment and tell The CW to do their research - Becky & the other Northerners looking for relocation fashion tips would greatly appreciate it.

Tangent done.

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