Falling Leaves

[Sweater & Elephant Bangle - Forever 21; Jeggings - Express; Boots - Aerosoles; Sunnies - RayBan]

Oversized sweaters are going to make quite the mark in my fall wardrobe.  I've already worn this maroon number multiple times.  It's so comfy and warm, I could sleep in it!  I am a little on the fence about leggings as pants.  I know people hate when people wear leggings as pants but they're so comfy and can be flattering depending on the outfit.  My rule: always wear a shirt that covers your bum.  This sweater is perfect!

 After we took these pictures, we went to our friend's reveal party (I'm too young for my friends to be having kids... I'm just saying!) and I bonded with the dog, Murphy.  As you can see, there was a lot of love between the Murph & I.  Chin Kisses.  Deep conversations.  And some handholding.  I'm like the dog whisperer!

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