[Coat - H&M, Skirt - The Limited, Shoes - Target]

Disclaimer: I'm the coldest girl in the world in these pics.  How does Kate Middleton do all those public outings in the blustery, bone-chilling English winters?  I mean, to look so chic and so lack of bundled. AH!  I don't know how she pulls it off.

But nevertheless, coats are a fashion statement and I tend to adore going a little nuts with my winter apparel.  True story - I have not bought a black winter coat ever.  Well, one time I owned a black coat with mod circles and polka dots that were various colors of white and pink.  IT WAS AWESOME.  Then some mean, judgemental girl I befriended (I like making friends... haha) in college told me it was stupid.  She also wore jean skirts in a tulle and leather mini world so there!  Bitter?  Yes.  I'm learning to let go...

Long story short, I love coats.  Coats are fun.  Coats can be a fashion statement.  Winter is still evil.

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