Dress like a Middleton at H&M

The best thing that happened to the online shopping world this past year was H&M going online.  I'm so in love and I'm pretty sure my bank account is really scared of the future.  Dressing like a Middleton is easy at H&M because Pippa shops there!  There were so many cute things I found on the site when working on this post and I kept thinking - oh I've seen her wear something like this!  She was recently spotted sporting a cableknit (I then proceeded to try and zoom the pic to see her engagement ring - I have a problem).  She's constantly running in grays, blacks, pinks & purples.  She inspired me to buy booties like these.  But when I saw this seafoam shift dress, I immediately thought of this shirt that she has worn on multiple occasions.  It has a Downton look to it, kind of, don'tchya think?

Moral of the story: I'm in love.  I also think that the plaid scarf on that site will end up in my closet sooner than later.......

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