Bundle of Joy

[Headband - Gift, Scarf - Aldo, Coat - TJMaxx, Jeans - Target, Boots - L.L. Bean]

I hate winter and going out in the snow, but I have found the necessary elements to make it better.

1. Covering my ears - If there is one thing that hurts me when I'm outside it's my ears.  I mean they actually hurt inside when it's super cold out.  Even when I run, I'm pretty good if my ears are covered.  My mom bought me this adorable headband with the flower and I'm in love.  I have about 5 more in various colors and styles, from ornate like this one, to simple.  They're the perfect functional accessary.
2. Infinity Scarves are the best invention ever - I'm always warm and it's much easier to hide my face in an infinity scarf than a pashmina.  I'm really into this one especially because it's the warmest thing!
3. TJMaxx is the best place to find a cheap and stylish winter coat - I nabbed this baby for $25 last year.  It's cute, pretty warm, and you can find me anywhere.  I'm the girl in the red coat.  So if I venture more than 5 feet from my house/car into a blustery snowstorm, I will be found!
4. Find an old pair of jeans that you don't mind getting gross - One year, when I was rather young, I decided I would get rid of all the clothing I didn't wear anymore and I deeply regretted it.  I learned my lesson and I'm continuing to keep these ugly gems (maybe they were cute once?  I don't know, I hate them... they're so unflattering) for gross days.
5. Duck Boots are the best boots ever - I'm so glad I purchased these (even though they're a little large) because they're great for snow and rain but they're much cuter than regular snow boots and more sturdy than rainboots.  I'm really thinking of getting the taller ones for the deeper snows that I hope I never experience.

Also - snowballs are a must.  Sorry, Boyfriend!

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