Christmas Party Attire Part II: The Office Party

[Dress - Ya; Top, Bracelet & Necklace - Kohl's; Shoes - Target]

Part II is here!  So do you have an office Christmas party coming up?  You want to look super cute - you have a reputation to uphold.  Your boss needs to be impressed and so does the guy in the accounting.  But you don't want to be the girl that everyone is discussing at the water cooler on Monday morning.  Here are some things to keep in mind when dressing for the event.

1. Don't wear something you couldn't wear to the office.  It's ok if you wouldn't wear it normally, but if the cut, length or general look wouldn't pass HR's rules, it's still not ok to wear to the office Christmas party.
2. Do wear something you haven't worn to work before.  Even if you've worn the pieces separately but never together, a new twist will make people notice.  I have a very limited amount of work appropriate clothing so I'm rewearing outfits over and over again.  People notice when they haven't seen something before.
3. Do add elements of pop!  I'm obsessed with this Lauren Conrad top for so many reasons.  I love lace, I enjoy the cropped element (it's something different) and the back bow detail is so precious.  This simple black & white ensemble has a little bit of a wow factor.  The leopard print flats help, too.
4. Don't be afraid to dress it up.  I always want to fit in with how I dress wherever I go.  That means no evening gowns at a backyard picnic and leaving the Bears jersey at home when I go to a wedding.  But I have found that I'd rather be over than under dressed.  I own lots of t-shirts and tend to wear them when I'm doing a lot of cleaning, working out and running errands.  That being said, I never want to be social in them.  When I do get caught in a moment where I am hanging out in a t-shirt, I definitely am more self-conscious and less comfortable than if I were in just a nice top and jeans.  Sometimes adding the little dressy element makes me feel better and MORE comfortable than if I were dressed down.
5.  Do have a good time.  Office Christmas parties have the stereotype of being awkward and boring and needing lots of alcohol (which end in those horror embarrassing stories you read in Cosmo).  There is no need for any of those.  You work with these people, see them every day, and now you don't have to focus on work!  Relax, enjoy yourself, have a beverage or two (that's all) and recognize that it's one night and you can always go home early if you can't take it anymore.  No one will remember you left with all your dignity - but they will remember how great you looked when you walked in :)

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