Fancy Lumberjack

[Blouse & Skirt - Gap; Cardigan - Old Navy; Tights - Target; Boots - Aerosoles; Necklace & Ring - Express; Ring - 310 Rosemont; Bangle Bracelets - Alex & Ani]

I hate that it's getting colder and now I need to be wearing a coat.  While I think they can make an outfit, sometimes they keep you limited.  But I do love plaid shirts - flannel or not.  They're just too cute.  I also like adding tights to give outfits a different look.  

Speaking of different look - I've started realizing that necklaces are becoming more and more prevalent in my wardrobe.  The story behind this beauty goes a little like this...

My co-worker & I went to Target one day to pick up a dress for her to wear to her best friend's rehearsal dinner.  We kept trying to think of the necklaces she had that would look good with the dress.  This type of necklace kept popping in my head and then we couldn't stop thinking about it.  The next time I saw one, I had to buy it so she could borrow it for the rehearsal.  Friendship sometimes is manifested through fashion, people ;)

Now I keep getting called the 2 Broke Girls Girl at work though...

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  1. Great plaid combo....have a great weekend!!!