Christmas Party Attire Part I: Family Christmas Party

Welcome to my 4-Part Series (One for every week leading up to Christmas - woo!)  I love Christmas parties because I love dressing up in pretty dresses, drinking warm drinks, singing Christmas songs, and the whole romantic side of Christmas.  I also love the not-so tame side... but today's topic is Family Christmas Party attire, and while my family knows how to have a good time, if your family is anything like mine, you want to look classy while doing it ;).

So here's the situation: Your mom wants lots of cute pictures, your dad has a lot of impressive colleagues showing up, and your older brother's good-looking best friend from college could make an appearance (and you've always thought he had a thing for you...).  So now you have to meet your mother's approval, look classy but also super hot for the possibility of mistletoe.

[Top Row Left, Center, Right; Bottom Row Left & Right]

While black is always beautiful and a classic, you can make a dress pop with color and metallic.  A winter white/ivory dress will look amazing with black tights.  Lace is a staple when trying to look sexy - adding a sleeve makes it less lingerie and more appropriate. A sequin number can be a possibility as long as it's the right length and has a tasteful cut.   

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