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So I know school has started almost everywhere, and I also know that I'm now old and out of school, but I still get really excited for everyone else going back to school and all of the great things that are out there for purchase this time of year.  I'm pretty convinced I'm a late bloomer.  By the time I made it to the end of college, I was pretty sure I was ready for high school.  Now I'm starting to think I'm ready to be a freshman in college.  And looking back on my time, here's what I wish I would have bought if I was a freshman now... (Wish I bought that I haven't in the future... that's a sci-fi fashion book in the making!) 

1. Fun Day/Class Shirts - It's hard for me to make the jump and wear prints, and when I tend to do that, it's usually in the evening wear/going out category.  This Anthro tunic is something I am seriously drawn to but I would have never been comfortable wearing.  And what's even better is it's a day shirt - made for class!  I would have been much cuter in this than my Target T-Shirts & Sweaters.

2 & 3. Gold Ring & Cuff - I wish I had invested in more cheaper jewelry and had spraypainted it before wearing so it would last.  I usually stayed away from the cheap stuff because of the quality which left me with really fancy nice stuff.  So I wasn't a huge jewelry person.  These pieces are fun, in gold (which I didn't even own until I went to college), and inexpensive.

4. Tory Burch Cheetah Flats - I wish I had purchased Tory Burch flats because girls loved them and I would have worn them everywhere.  But more importantly, I wish I purchased them in this print, because until senior year, I swore off animal prints.  And that's just silly.

5. Printed Romper - Rompers were just becoming popular when I was a senior, but I go back to print statement at #1.  I also wish I followed those weird trendy things (like crop tops now, too) that I think are ridiculous but secretly don't hate (see maxi dresses and wedges 5 years ago).

6. A Robe - I used to make fun of my little & her boyfriend for living in their robes like an old couple.  I was a moron.  I love my robes.  I have a satin summer one and a fleece winter one.  I'm craving a nice jersey one like this for those not so hot not so cold days.  They are awesome.  I mean, if you have roommates, you can be "naked" but not really.  Sometimes, I nap in them.  And that's a very college thing to do.  (Nap, not be "naked but not really"... well I guess that is, too?)

7. Well-Made, Good Fitting Jeans - Again, I wore Target.  I'm slowly getting better at the whole "quality over quantity" thing but back in the day I was extremely the opposite.  I wore tons of Old Navy & Target which is definitely acceptable, but I had to wash them often and replace them often too.  Now that I have more well-made jeans that fit me like a glove, I realize I don't need many because they keep their shape and they look great.  If I focused on 4 AWESOME jeans versus 14 cheap ones, I would have been much better dressed (and probably for the same amount of money).

8. Nail Polish - I think the nail polish I had in college was either given to me or from high school.  Obviously, I rarely wore nail polish.  If I bought one color a season and just rocked it, I would have been set.

9.  New tech case - Mind you, I started college with the first iPhone (which came out the month before I went to school), so my case options were limited.  But now my past self in the future would have a new phone case every year that has personality and is unique and shows my true self.

10. Fun scarf - I didn't realize the importance of scarves in the college fashion scene.  Now that I do, I would wear this scarf with everything.  You should know I want it now to wear with everything.  I'll let you know it is $6 since I've already ordered it for myself... 

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