The Lady is a Vamp

[Tank Top - Kohl's; Sweater - Target; Leather Leggings - Forever 21; Heels - Ross]

I broke my rule: I wore leggings with a shirt that didn't cover my whole butt.  But I just love this sweater and it only looks good with the super tight pants.  I never thought I would buy a pair of leather leggings in my life, but there I was standing in Forever 21 and I saw this $13 pair and thought, "when will you have this urge to buy leather leggings again?!  And if it does happen again, they will definitely be more expensive".  So I tried them on, was not repulsed by my image, and swiped the plastic and left the mall.  Approximately 30 minutes later, I'm thinking to myself WHAT HAVE I DONE?  But here are some things I've learned with my leather leggings:

1. It was very good I bought them a size larger than I normally would.  Leather leggings are going to make me feel self-conscious.  Fact.  Last thing I need is to feel like I look fat on top of feeling weird because I'm being trendy.
2. They're the most comfy leggings I own.  Seriously.  They're so soft.  I could sleep in them.  Not a lie.
3. Because they're comfy, and warmer than a skirt, and are black and sleek, they will be my winter go-to going out staple.  I will look chic.  I will look fancy.  I will be able to fall asleep at the bar.
4. I look much more edgy than I really am.  I love bows.  I look like I'm 12.  I will take anything to make me look over 21. [Note: I am past 21... as in my baby brother will be 21 in a month]
5. I feel very in.  While some think I may be on the "cutting edge of fashion", I feel like I hit the tail end since I look at the next big thing for months until it hits my budget range.  Now, ta da!

Moral of the story: Buy leather leggings and don't turn back.  You'll be happy you did :)

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