[Top - TJMaxx; Cami - Kohl's; Jeans - Target [old]; Shoes - Payless [old]; Jewelry - Gifts]

I love this top.  It might be more Pippa than Kate but it's urban without being too crazy for me.  I had wanted a neon yellow cami when I pictured the outfit I would create but the store options didn't have something quite as perfect neon as this pink one.  Since my camera is sick, Boyfriend took the pics with my phone, laughed at me trying to walk in gravel in my heels, and made me laugh by trying to take pictures like Ansel Adams.  

You should also know that after owning these pants for 2 years, I had my first mishap(s) hours later by dropping a piping hot buffalo wing and having a tiny puppy pee on me.  Awesome.

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