[Earrings - Simply Charming Boutique; Top - Michael Kors at TJMaxx; Ring - 3 10 Rosemont; Watch - Michael Kors; Shorts - Target; Wedges - TJMaxx]

I hate wearing shorts.  They always just look so awkward on me.  I own a lot of shorts that I bought because I was comfortable, but in pictures they look crazy baggy because in reality, they're too big.  I accepted these white ones into my life, solely because they cover that awkward part of the thigh (you know which part I'm talking about).  But I do love the vintage-flair they have with this top.  Which is also a size too big, but I really like tying it in a loop.

In case anyone wants a hairstyle that boys eat up, here you go.  Boyfriend really enjoys this one.  Then again, this is the guy that prefers me in pigtails....

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