August Birchbox Review

If you don't get a Birchbox and you A) like receiving mail B) have $10 a month to spare and C) love trying beauty products but have commitment issues like me, you need to get one.  I seriously look forward to the middle of the month when I get one and can try out all of the fabulous things.  My favorites tend to be their nail polishes and hair products/accessories.

Here's my review on the August contents:

Whish Exfoliating Body Wash: This product is said to brighten and exfoliate and is a great way to prep skin for self-tanner (which I need and use).  The product definitely did that, but for $22 a pop (oh, by the way... these are mini's.  It's not $22 for that little thing), I don't think I'd make the switch from my go-to Neutrogena Apricot Scrub.

Whish Hair Inhibiting Deodorant Swipes: These wipes "tackle odor and slow hair growth".  I used mine the day I shaved and I will say, I have noticed the slowing of hair growth.  That being said, I'm a horrible athlete mostly because I hate sweating.  Once I start sweating I feel disgusting and just stop.  So I'm a BIG fan of deodorant and I tend to be constantly trying to find the better option.  I'm pretty sure this wasn't any better of a deodorant option than per usual.  However, if you tend to use the white deodorant and hate the streaks that it could sneakily leave on your freshly cleaned clothes, I would choose the wipes.

derma e Hydrating Mist: This mist is supposed to make you feel refreshed like after traveling or you can spray after you apply your make up and let it set.  It definitely was a great makeup set - I sprayed it before going to a cookout and by the time I got home, I still looked like I did when I left.  I loved it!  For a full-size it costs $13.50 which I think is so worth it.  I love a fresh spritz once and a while.

EVOLVh Moisture Conditioner:  This definitely made my hair feel hydrated, and I'm always looking for fabulous conditioner to really help boost my long locks.  The smell was awesome too - it was like a clean flower scent, if that's possible?  I don't know if it'd be worth the $25 but maybe after using it a couple more times, I may be sold...

stila liquid lipstick: I initially put this on and thought "Holy Red Lips!"  This is the red you see in magazine ads.  Unreal red.  I had some serious hopes for it.  It lasted through my chai, it lasted through the morning... and then... I went to go get my lunch, checked myself out in the mirror, and like *snap* it was basically an outline.  One of my big things with lipgloss/stick/tint is that I don't like re-applying throughout the day... so I prefer ones that fade or just go away.  I looked like a freak though.  I would equate it to eating a cherry snowcone.  I was very disappointed that I was told "once it goes on, it's not budging"... around the outline of your lips.

Must Have: The hydrating mist.  Most definitely!

[Please note: This was not a sponsored post by Birchbox - all reviews were my own.  If you want to sign up, visit their website here.]

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