Even Princesses Have Bad Days

One of my good friends and I were discussing how much we admire Kate's style... but how she's definitely come a long way.  I've always said that fashion isn't something you learn over night.  You're constantly learning, sometimes making mistakes, and the longer you go the more it seems like you're finally getting it just right.  When I was in middle school and high school I went through some seriously questionable phases - Limited Too, "Bang Bracelets", heavy black eyeliner, rolling t-shirt sleeves to show another color sleeve.  I remember when I went to college, I wore a mini skirt with socks to my knees and mules one day - this was huge in high school and definitely a "cute outfit" by my school standards.  The older girls looked at me and just were like "no, sweetie..."  Face palm.  I remember one friend in high school telling me that I would do really well at my college of my choice because I was so preppy.  Ha!  I think I felt like Kate when she went from the most put together girl in town to having to be the future King of England's girlfriend.  Okay, maybe not that extreme.  But I'm glad everyone experiences a learning curve.

See these shoes?  I loved these shoes.  I basically wore them with every outfit.  One time, an older guy my friend was crushing on complemented them and I felt really cool.  She wanted to kill me.  Over these shoes...

This was a pretty standard outfit for me: hoop earrings, t-shirt, matching t-shirt underneath rolled up. I wore the shoes with this outfit, too.  And in the summer - flip flops (neon green, of course).

So here are some outfits of Kate's that prove she's just like any other girl.  Am I "taking the piss out"?  Maybe a little, but only in the same way that I can look back on my life and say "ha, what was I thinking?" (and I'm sure 20 years from now I'll say the same thing about today).  But what I really like about looking at these pictures, is that she's human, she's just like everyone else, and that even the most beautiful and perfect girls have their "oops" moments.

This one Kate wore to William's military school graduation - it was probably her first public appearance officially being linked to William.  I can only imagine how scared she was, how her mother poured over dresses and suits to find the best outfit to wear, how they shopped and shopped until she was perfect and decent enough to be William's girlfriend.  This picture was taken in 2006... not 1996... or 1986. Photo Courtesy of People.
The one on the left isn't too bad - I probably wouldn't pick it out, but not horrible.  But the one on the right...  Now I've been in England in the winter and it's cold to the bone.  I understand the tights.  But they don't look brown and the outfit looks a little too boho to wear with tights.  Photo courtesy of People.
This one isn't bad at all... but I really, really love the belt with the whole ensemble because it really reminds me of the outfits I wore.  And all the belts I owned and wore.  So many and so often that I refuse to wear a belt around my waist these days.  The scars have yet to heal... Photo courtesy of Time.
This is by far my favorite.  Because this girl is me circa high school.  And it's a comfort to know we were all there.  And our dads had to deal with us out in public showing a little middle, thinking we looked amazing, and rocking the claw clip.  Photo courtesy of Time.

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