I'm Back

Did you miss me?  Because I've missed you!  It's been a crazy couple of months - and honestly, it's not slowing down.  As you read this, I'm currently in Memphis, spending the long weekend with my best friend (it's her birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAITLIN!!!)  But enough is enough, it's time for me to return to my loves and get back to business.  So here's what's been happening since we last spoke:

| Top Left: G-Unit? Top Right: I'm taking a selfie AND a tourist pic.  Write a song about that! Bottom Left: Our gorgeous nation's capital/capitol? BOTH! Bottom Right: Boyfriend & my celebratory drinks at Dogfishhead Brewpub in Rehoboth Beach, DE |

So boyfriend & I got job offers within a week of each other - just in time for him to take a full day test in DC while I discovered the city by myself (my wallet joined me, don't worry).  We went to the beach to celebrate and visit my family which is where I left you - resigning from your job, finding a place to live, and moving within 2 weeks (after a 4-day vacation) is a little crazy, just so you know, but it can be done!

But not before having these cookies.  Holy diabetes goodness, I will miss these.

So boyfriend & I packed up the U-Haul with our stuff, moved our two homes into one and moved to Amish Country.  You read that correctly.  I live amongst the plain-dressed people.  A fashion blogger.  Aunt Betty has adapted.  She has a lot of windows to stare at the world that she fears...

So I traded my old office...

For this:


That's a Mac and a city view, so I'm happy.

Even Cleatus, my camel from Dubai, made the journey & likes his new home!

Since the move, I've become very acquainted with train stations and our town's troubadours.

We also discovered the best Mexican restaurant we've been to in a lonnnnggggg time (sorry, Montezuma's)

Don't even get me started with their tacos.  We then spent weekends visiting with friends, spending time with family, and last weekend, heading up to Manhattan for good friends, good views, good food, and a gorgeous rooftop wedding.  Yep, more food pictures to come:

The Food: Perfect (Yes, I had fried green tomatoes.  No judgement, please)

I got to see these wonderful people AND pretend to be Serena Van Der Woodsen.


And the views: 

Next move?

Haha just kidding!  And now I'm in the home of the blues!  But while I travel, say hello, and don my high heels to pass the Amish farms, I will be posting every day this month.

That's right - 30 Days of Bijoux!  

You'll be wishing I was gone forever ;)

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